Monday, October 31, 2016

Despicable, Deplorable, Depraved Villains... the "Butts" gallery

So, what with it being Halloween and all, I thought I'd spring and do another post. Perhaps this won't be long, but I'd love to see it generate some discussion the same way the last post did (you guys are great). Anyway, I am going to make a compilation of the villainous characters in the few fandoms I like that me and my brother charmingly refer to as "Butts" (the height of all insults, I'm sure). These aren't just well designed villain characters (like Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls or Ghirahim from Skyward Sword) these are characters that stab the the characters I care about and then twist the knife in the wound. These are the absolutely disturbing characters that attack on the personal level. So, let's check them out. Be warned, spoilers will follow!