Thursday, June 20, 2013


It is one year from HTTYD 2! One simple rotation of our little planet around the sun! We are getting excitingly close! Wow, what a year of waiting this will be!

So, here's how I feel about about HTTYD 2 coming out!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dragon Journal pages 23-24

So these are the last Nadder pages. Next comes the Gronckle! The first page is dedicated to the skin, scales, and spines of the Nadder. The next page is basic stats...sadly, some of those stats are just educated guesses...if I could actually be around the dragons I could get real answers (HAHA! But if I was able to be around the dragons, there is NO WAY I would be studying the Nadder when I could be studying Toothless!) Hope you like them.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Dragon Journal pages 21-22

This is the Nadder's pages for "In Battle"! I really loved doing these! The Nadder has displayed a really cool variety of attacks and techniques, so doing this page was fairly easy, and I had plenty of material to put in! Anyway, this is probably my favorite Nadder page in the book. Man, we are getting close to being finished with all the stuff I have drawn so far. After that, I'll have to start making new entries!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

HTTYD Tee-Shirt Design Competition: Entry 2

"Hold, Toothless...NOW!": This is my second entry into the tee-shirt competition. I like it fairly well. It depicts the final blast in the battle with the Red Death. I went very stylized, and I was not sure how well it would work. I have received LOTS of positive feedback from fellow dragon fans though, so I guess the design has some merit! Toothless is about twice as big as he should be, but I did that on purpose for the sake of the image. This was a blast to draw (no pun intended)! I hope you like it. If I do more entries (I am allowed to do five), I will probably be less stylized. I don't know what the judges are going for, but I want to do one, at least one, really, really charming and beautiful one. That will be harder for me, but I think it would be worth it! Thanks for looking! Hopefully there will be more of these to come.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Dragon Journal pages 19-20

These are the Nadder lifestyle pages in my journal. This page was every bit as full as the Night Fury lifestyle page because, unlike the Night Fury, the Nadder has been shown as an infant in the franchise! We don't know how Night Furies would act in groups, and we don't know what a baby Night Fury would look like. That meant that I had to leave those aspects out in my Night Fury pages, but not so with the Nadder! I also took an absolute guess that Nadders would eat chicken, so when episode 10 of RoB came out I was pretty pleased with this page! Hope you like it. The next Nadder pages are probably my favorite.

Friday, June 14, 2013

HTTYD Tee-Shirt Design Competition: Entry 1

So DreamWorks is holding a competition for an HTTYD t-shirt design. The winner gets a free three day trip to the DreamWorks studio. You get five entries per person, and this is my first entry! I am fairly confident that I will NOT win this thing, but dabbling around in graphic designs is fun, and hopefully I will come out with some decent stuff! Good luck to anyone who wants to join the competition! This is such a thrilling opportunity! Hope you all like this first design. Hopefully I will have time to make more! 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Forgiven and Forgotten?

So, by the end of the film Stoick and the other Hooligans have forgiven the dragons and allowed them to live with them. That is great, but how much was there that needed to be forgiven? I would like to point out that it was NO SMALL THING for Stoick and others to forgive the dragons, and it was especially no easy action to forgive Toothless. Why? Let's be realistic. Toothless is the only Night Fury Hiccup has ever seen, and we are pretty certain that he is the only one around Berk. The chances are that every single Night Fury raid ever done in Stoick's time as chief was probably done by Toothless. That leads us to the frightening fact that every man, woman, and child that was every blasted to death by a Night Fury bombing was killed by Toothless. It was a SERIOUS war. Stoick would be able to think of people BY NAME who he could PROVE that Toothless killed. To forgive the other dragons would be easier. If you knew someone who was killed by a random Monstrous Nightmare, there is really no way that you would recognize the Nightmare if you saw it again. Not so with the Night Fury. He was the one dragon Stoick feared, and it would be painfully easy to remember how many lives were taken by him during the long and torturous war. The Vikings had to be very serious in their forgiveness if they wanted to accept Toothless, but we must also remember that it was during a time of war, the Vikings were killing thousands of dragons, and in the end Toothless wound up saving practically EVERY SINGLE adult Hooligan from the Red Death. Toothless's good nature and self sacrificing bravery was powerful enough to wash the hate away, and now, thanks to the actions of one heroic little Hiccup, Toothless and Stoick can sleep in the same house with the horrors of the war left far behind them!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Dragon Journal pages 17-18

Nadder in Flight and Nadder the Head pages. So, unlike the Night Fury the Nadder's flight patterns and head do not take two pages to describe. The Nadder's flight patterns are fairly straightforward, and it has a limited facial expressions. Still, these pages were extremely fun to draw! I like the way the head page shows how large the Nadder's blind-spot is. Anyway, more to come! Hope you like them. 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Dragon Journal pages 15-16

Next dragon of my journal is the Deadly Nadder. This species will have some pages that actually include MORE info than the corresponding Night Fury pages, but then of course many of the Nadder pages will be shorter. It just depends on how much I have seen of each type of dragon! Anyway, hope you like it. There are more of these to come, and once I finish posting all of them, I will begin working on new ones. Also, I did not miscount pages, I just left two blank after Toothless in case I wanted to go back to him (should have left like TEN!).

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Dragon Journal pages 11-12

Another page set from my dragon journal. The first page examines Toothless's skin, scales, and spines. The next page is just basic stats. These are the last pages I did on Toothless (man, I want to kill myself for not doing more), but I have quite a good deal left to show you all. I have finished my Nadder pages, and I am currently working on the Gronckle. I left a few pages blank after I finished Toothless just in case I want to come back to him (and I DO, but I need to finish the other dragons first!) Hope you have liked this so far!

Incredible healing properties?

Ok, this will be EXTREMELY random, but when you think about Toothless, Hiccup, and other HTTYD stuff a lot, sometimes random stuff slips in!
Toothless’s saliva! (Wait, are you SERIOUSLY going to talk about dragon spit? Yes, yes I am.) Hiccup describes it as having incredible healing properties, soooooo what might those properties be?
1. It is obviously able to reduce swelling. We see it do that in Defiant One. Reducing inflammation would be extremely helpful especially in viking times. 
2. I would also venture to say that it has some antibacterial properties. Why? Well Toothless eats raw food and other unpleasant things quite a lot, but his teeth remain fairly white. Plus being antibacterial would be EXTREMELY useful if Toothless were to lick his wounds. Snotlout makes a jab at Toothless once talking about the dragon licking his wounds, so I make the assumption that he would.
3. His saliva and his licking would aid in clotting. Open wounds for a dragon (or a person for that matter) are extremely likely to result in death due to blood loss. If we can take Snotlout’s little hint as being true, then Toothless does lick his cuts and help them seal and would keep them from becoming infected.
4. And of course his saliva does way more than that for him! He produces quite a lot of it (see GotNF)! That is very typical for a predatory animal who swallows most food whole. It is literally a life saver for the animal! If he did not make a lot of that slippery goo his food could easily get lodged in his throat! Plus all that spit makes his licking Hiccup something that the boy will not quickly forget! Ok, now I am reaaaaaaallllllyyyyyy rambling off! 
So that is what I believe the properties of his spit are! Sorry if this is the most random scientific look into the movie, but I just want to get every nitty gritty bit of that dragon down, even if it involves trying to analyze his saliva!