Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Forgiven and Forgotten?

So, by the end of the film Stoick and the other Hooligans have forgiven the dragons and allowed them to live with them. That is great, but how much was there that needed to be forgiven? I would like to point out that it was NO SMALL THING for Stoick and others to forgive the dragons, and it was especially no easy action to forgive Toothless. Why? Let's be realistic. Toothless is the only Night Fury Hiccup has ever seen, and we are pretty certain that he is the only one around Berk. The chances are that every single Night Fury raid ever done in Stoick's time as chief was probably done by Toothless. That leads us to the frightening fact that every man, woman, and child that was every blasted to death by a Night Fury bombing was killed by Toothless. It was a SERIOUS war. Stoick would be able to think of people BY NAME who he could PROVE that Toothless killed. To forgive the other dragons would be easier. If you knew someone who was killed by a random Monstrous Nightmare, there is really no way that you would recognize the Nightmare if you saw it again. Not so with the Night Fury. He was the one dragon Stoick feared, and it would be painfully easy to remember how many lives were taken by him during the long and torturous war. The Vikings had to be very serious in their forgiveness if they wanted to accept Toothless, but we must also remember that it was during a time of war, the Vikings were killing thousands of dragons, and in the end Toothless wound up saving practically EVERY SINGLE adult Hooligan from the Red Death. Toothless's good nature and self sacrificing bravery was powerful enough to wash the hate away, and now, thanks to the actions of one heroic little Hiccup, Toothless and Stoick can sleep in the same house with the horrors of the war left far behind them!

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  1. Yeah... now that I think about it youre right....