Saturday, October 25, 2014


Hey all. I do hope you are still enjoying the posts I make and fanning over the beautiful things we've been given in HTTYD1 and HTTYD2. I apologize for being somewhat absent. I fully realize I haven't posted a lengthy analysis in weeks, and that isn't because I don't have stuff to say... it is because the weekends are the only time I usually get the chance to blog, AND these last weekends have been chock full of stuff... unfortunately that includes studying for exams. I try really hard to do well in classes, but even with my studying, my grades have dropped. They are not bad by any stretch, but they are not what I was hoping for. So, I've had to devote a lot of time to that. I thought I'd at least let you know what is up... and post an epic Toothless gif.

Oh, and I should also proclaim the good news that someone recently told me that if there was one real Night Fury in the world he'd come and find me... because I'm the most Hiccupish person (well... the most Hiccupish person that this girl who said this knows!). So, hah, I told her that she was now my favorite person... and so far she hasn't fallen from that rank. Honestly... I'm not like Hiccup in a lot of ways... and in a lot of ways I'm a much less good and nobel and humble person... so when people say I am like him it does make me pretty happy!

Anyway... I DO have stuff up my sleeve. I don't have any real art projects planned... but I do have another Dsplash Chronicle that is almost ready to be posted. I also have a Dsplash music video in the works... and once I get HTTYD2 in a format that I can use for video editing, I've got an HTTYD2 music video planned out as well! So, yep.

Oh, and if any of you really want it, I can post a review on the new short. But, to be honest, I didn't just love it. Compared to the second film it felt pretty bland and I wasn't sure how well Hiccup was represented... plus Toothless was almost nonexistent in the plot (yes, he was there, but he didn't DO anything... totally UNLIKE his role in the second film). So, hah, even with all my business I've managed to write a post expressing at least a few opinions as well as letting you know what will hopefully appear on the blog in the near future. Enjoy the epic Toothless gif! Somebody sent it to me, and I felt it would be fun to share.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Dragon Party!

I'm getting a group over from college to watch HTTYD2 tonight! Some of them have not seen it. It was released on iTunes just this morning, so I am really anticipating watching it over again! I will be sure to blog if anything interesting happens tonight. I sorta am getting the feeling that I'm gonna cry all over again! Agh, and in front of college piers too... oh well, it will be worth it! Hope the rest of you have iTunes so you can get the beautiful digital HD!

Update: It was fantastic! Seriously though, I was crying through like the entire thing! It has been half an hour since I finished it, and my face is still hurting from sobbing. And when the Alpha starts taking over Toothless, my heart was beating like a drum! Man, it was going so fast I started to feel kinda sick. Anyway, everyone who hadn't watched it liked it (though, as usual, several of them walked away saying they didm't have a clue how to process the emotions). So, yeah, that was a fun time and a great success for our amazing sequel! Not sure when I will be able to muster up the emotional energy to watch through that film again. It really is an emotional roller-coaster ride. Anyway, thanks to those who watched it with me, and thank you Dean for an amazing (and heart-wrenching) sequel. I'm never gonna get over this movie.

One Warning

Alright! This is the continuation of the main Dsplash plot! I took a little break with the Chasing Shadows chronicle, but now it is time to bring you back up to speed after the cliffhanger. I'm super, super pleased to say that I got Inhonoredglory to pre read this before posting it and that she really enjoyed it. Hopefully you will too. It is, as other plots have been, somewhat intense, but when dealing with all-powerful foes, intensity is an occupational hazard. This focuses mostly on the Doctor, but the next Chronicle I am set to release (it just needs a little editing) will focus back on the HTTYD characters. Anyway, hope you'll let me know what you think of it!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A day worth remembering...

Hey everybody! Just thought I would note... four years ago on this day, HTTYD was released on DVD and BluRay in the United States. Four years ago I spent all morning sitting in a class room, unable to be patient, just waiting for my school to dismiss so I could rush home and see whether my movie had come in the mail or not. It was awesome, and I was just so happy to finally have my all time favorite film on DVD. I just thought this date was worth remembering... because HTTYD1 really was magical and still is, and the fact that I finally got to own it on Oct 15, 2010 still excites me! I hope all of you have had as great of a four years loving this movie as I have.

Oh, and on another interesting note, on Oct 21 I'll be using iTunes to finally download HTTYD2! WOOT! I have no idea how that day will pan out... so many people want to watch it with me and I kinda want to watch it on my own! Oh well, I'm sure it will be fun (ugh, if homework doesn't get me to bogged down. Perish the thought!).

Friday, October 10, 2014

Chasing Shadows

This is another Dsplash Chronicle. It is not very long, and it actually doesn't deal with the current main characters! But, it is important. Haha, I know I left you on a sort of cliffhanger with the last one, but this doesn't have anything to do with that! Hopefully I'll get back to the cliffhanger plot very soon, but until then this plot should hopefully prove intriguing! The characters in this story will have pretty big roles to play in the future plots. They won't ever be the main characters, but don't be surprised if the main characters come in contact with them!! Click the read more to see the story.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Sleepy Companions

I painted the line art I posted earlier. It posed a lot of fun and interesting challenges, so if you would like to see it as well as some close ups, click the "read more". I hope you'll like it... I admit it is a little different than most HTTYD fan arts. Man, I've got some other ideas up my sleeve, but I don't know if I'll get the time to do them.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Another day, another doodle

I've got another set of college doodles to share. These are just little fun things I do before classes start (or when my teachers begin rabbit trailing...). I hope you'll like them! I am gonna put them under a "read more", but I do just want to say that the image above is probably my favorite of the bunch. He's sooooo cute!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sleepy Companions (line art)

This is a little art piece I did over an afternoon. No, the above image isn't the whole thing; it's sort of a preview. Click the read more to see the whole thing... Oh, and Hiccup and Toothless are not the only companions who are sleepy in this line art :)

Saturday, October 4, 2014

A Dragon's Journey (Part 2)

Alright, I've got enough time this weekend to finish up the analysis I started last week. Not sure if this will be the only post I do in the next couple of days or not. I guess it will depend on how much free time I get and how I choose to spend it (I do have a cute art project in mind!). Anyway, in this analysis I will continue to dive into the character arc we see Toothless travel through in HTTYD2... and this will be the more complex and significant of the two analysis.