Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Dragon Party!

I'm getting a group over from college to watch HTTYD2 tonight! Some of them have not seen it. It was released on iTunes just this morning, so I am really anticipating watching it over again! I will be sure to blog if anything interesting happens tonight. I sorta am getting the feeling that I'm gonna cry all over again! Agh, and in front of college piers too... oh well, it will be worth it! Hope the rest of you have iTunes so you can get the beautiful digital HD!

Update: It was fantastic! Seriously though, I was crying through like the entire thing! It has been half an hour since I finished it, and my face is still hurting from sobbing. And when the Alpha starts taking over Toothless, my heart was beating like a drum! Man, it was going so fast I started to feel kinda sick. Anyway, everyone who hadn't watched it liked it (though, as usual, several of them walked away saying they didm't have a clue how to process the emotions). So, yeah, that was a fun time and a great success for our amazing sequel! Not sure when I will be able to muster up the emotional energy to watch through that film again. It really is an emotional roller-coaster ride. Anyway, thanks to those who watched it with me, and thank you Dean for an amazing (and heart-wrenching) sequel. I'm never gonna get over this movie.

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