Monday, October 6, 2014

Another day, another doodle

I've got another set of college doodles to share. These are just little fun things I do before classes start (or when my teachers begin rabbit trailing...). I hope you'll like them! I am gonna put them under a "read more", but I do just want to say that the image above is probably my favorite of the bunch. He's sooooo cute!

After almost an hour of listening to all the awful, awful ways the Romans murdered people for entertainment, I needed a little Toothless to cheer me up. It's actually not all that bad of a picture!

As you can probably tell, I'm still stuck on the Legend of Zelda character known as Midna. She was just fantastic! Funny enough... I don't usually find myself really liking the female characters in fiction, but Midna broke that stereotype! She's very fun to draw.

The above Toothless took less than thirty seconds to draw. I wanted to see how fast I could actually crank doodles out.

*watches Godzilla*
 *hears the characters call Godzilla the "Alpha predator"* 
*thinks of Toothless* 
*decides to have Toothless fighting a MUTO*

Toothless has a habbit of jumping and playing through my notes when my ecology teacher isn't looking...

What Toothless might look like in the Twilight realm from the Legend of Zelda world.

I don't even know what these are supposed to be. My teacher was REALLY off subject, so I decided to create my own, hyper-complex alphabet.

Toothless is so epic. I mean... come on, we just have to face it. He's just about the most epic thing in the history of epicness.

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