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Chasing Shadows

This is another Dsplash Chronicle. It is not very long, and it actually doesn't deal with the current main characters! But, it is important. Haha, I know I left you on a sort of cliffhanger with the last one, but this doesn't have anything to do with that! Hopefully I'll get back to the cliffhanger plot very soon, but until then this plot should hopefully prove intriguing! The characters in this story will have pretty big roles to play in the future plots. They won't ever be the main characters, but don't be surprised if the main characters come in contact with them!! Click the read more to see the story.

Dimension Splash Chronicles
Event: Chasing Shadows
Pov: Loki, Midna
Time: Year 10.31 of Hiccup and Link’s existence in the game

     Loki sat back in his cell, exhaling hard in displeasure. It had been months since he was locked up, and he was no closer to escaping then when Link had locked him away. The Asgardian security was some of the best in the Gemnode’s dimension, and much to Loki’s annoyance, he was locked in a cell of his own invention. Two years, for two years he had ruled unchallenged over the entire planet, and now he was left to sit in pain and in isolation. He hissed through his teeth, gripping his right shoulder. Blood soaked out of his leather vest and trickled between the cracks of his fingers. Not even the best medicinal care could heal the wound in his shoulder. Thankfully it wasn’t deep. Loki thought back bitterly on the one who had given him the cut, Hiccup. The wretched, scrawny little Viking brat had stabbed him with Souldrinker, the deletion blade. It would never heal, at least never in this dimension. 

     All of Loki’s attempts to avenge himself on Hiccup and his allies had failed. Even Skari had failed him. The boy seemed as though he should have been so easy to crush, break, and destroy, but he just kept getting back up. Even after being deleted, he came back. Maybe even the Gemnodes couldn’t stop him. Loki pursed his lips at the thought. It was strange and ironic to see the Gemnodes panicking. They tried to hide it, but Loki knew what it was like to have an system breaker in one’s kingdom. The Gemnodes were doing everything in their power to find Hiccup, even offering rewards for his capture across dozens of dimensions. It was comical in almost a dark way… the person Loki hated the most was being hunted by omnipotent beings, and still he was alive. 

     Suddenly the lights outside of Loki’s cell flickered. The guards outside looked around, and Loki sat up in his chair. This was different. It had been months since anything had happened, anything at all. Suddenly, the lights went out completely in the hallway towards the entrance of the prison complex. The two guards outside of Loki’s cell brandished their weapons. Then there was a warbling sound, and the lights all around the cell and around the guards flickered and went out. Only the bright white light of Loki’s holding unit remained on. Loki was on his feet as soon as he heard the strange noise. There was a shuffling sound, and Loki approached the glass. He could just barely make out the shape of one of his guards standing in the blackness before it vanished. Everything was deathly quiet, Loki craned his head towards the glass, trying to see past his own reflecting into the blackness. Then, with a sickeningly loud thud and a flash of something bright and orange and sinuous, one of the guards flew into the glass only inches from Loki’s face. The impact killed him, and the shock made Loki stumble back. His heart rate was up and he gasped as his shoulder stung from the sudden movement. Loki was genuinely afraid, it wasn’t just anything that could get past Asgardian security, and he knew that he was without a loyal ally in this world and that ruling with an iron fist had left him unpopular with some incredibly strong beings… including the Gemnodes. 

     Loki stood up straight, regaining his dignified composure, but his hands were down and poised for action. “What are you?” He breathed out quietly, his pale eyes darting from one side of his cell to the other. A chilling laugh echoed in the cell. “Eee, hee! Wouldn’t you like to know?”

     Loki stepped back as his shadow on the floor suddenly moved, solidified and became a floating, shadowy silhouette of a strange female figure. Her head was proportionally large, she was about half Loki’s height, though she floated eye to eye with him, and atop the head of the shadow figure was some kind of ornate helmet. “Mind if I kill the lights?” an echoey feminine voice asked from the shadow floating in front of him. The top of the shadow’s head shot something bright and orange up into the ceiling and smashed the overhead light. Loki looked where the shadow had been and saw that it had solidified in the darkness into a small black and white imp. The creature’s small body was covered in pale, aquamarine markings. She wore a large, almost aztec looking helmet which covered one eye, but the other eye shone bright gold with a frighting red iris. The imp’s mouth curled up in a mischievous looking smile. Loki stepped back. He had never seen this creature before, and that was unusual. He had ruled the world for two years and studied all the most shrouded archives hidden throughout the world. 

     “Sorry to be rude, but I don’t have time for formalities. Eee hee!” The imp’s hair was tied back in a pony tail, but in a shocking, rippling movement the hair morphed into the shape of a hand at the end of a long, serpentine arm. The hair was glowing bright orange, the light glinting off of Loki’s eyes. The hand grabbed Loki and slammed him back into the wall of the cell. He grunted in pain, but then looked up at her with a smirk, “I don’t know what you are, but I know you won’t kill me. If you’re trying to scare someone, it’ll take more than tricks with the light.” The imp cocked her head, taken aback. “If you kill me, I’ll just come up at the nearest portal. What good would that do you? People don’t come to prisons to kill the prisoners… not in this world.” Loki let out a wry chuckle, looking to the side before looking back into his the captor’s bright yellow eye. “You need me, and I don’t work with people who play rough.” The glowing hand around Loki’s chest loosened it’s hold, but only slightly.

     “We’ll see about that.” the imp in front of him suddenly smiled with a wicked glint in its eye, a single pointed tooth revealing itself in the corner of her mouth. “I am Midna, and you are right… I need you.” Loki smiled, breathing out in relief, but not letting Midna see him do so. “But,” Midna tightened her grip “you are not used to dealing with me.” A single coil of hair slithered out of Midna’s helmet, snaking its way towards Loki. “You are used to people like your brother, people like Gandalf. Light people.” The coil of Midna’s hair began to form a point. “I’m not like them. I’m from the shadows, and…” The pointed hair glowed red, Loki started to feel the flitter of panic return to his heart. “I’m not a good person.” Midna’s expression was bitterly cruel, and the pointed strand of hair buried itself into Loki’s right shoulder. The Asgardian shrieked out in pain as the surprisingly sharp fibers dug their way into the wound, twisting around and twitching their way in every tendon of Loki’s shoulder. He was writhing in pain, but the imp was unmoved. Finally Loki screamed out, “What do you want!?”

     “Now your catching on. Eee hee!”

     “Stop! We can negotiate.” Loki’s legs were beginning to kick in involuntary spasms of pain. He looked into Midna’s eye and finally it widened into a look of mercy. The coil of hair retracted from his shoulder, the red glow making the blood boil and evaporate away. Her look changed to determination, almost desperation, and it was an unwise move on her part. Loki sensed it immediately, the tiny spark of uncertainty in her countenance. 

     “I need information, and you are the one who would know it.” The imp’s voice was firm. Loki gasped, still recovering from the pain. “Information on what?”

     Midna released Loki. He dropped to the floor on his knees gripping his shoulder with a wince. Much to his surprise, Midna stopped hovering, descend slowly in front of him. “I need information on this.” She took off the helmet like object she was wearing. “I know it has been broken, and I need to know where the other pieces are. You will tell me, or…” 

     “Hold on.” Loki looked up with his best attempt at a charming grin. “I may or may not know what the object you seek is, but can’t we solve this like decent people? After all, you and I have a lot in common.”

     “Like what?” Midna hissed rolling her eye.

     “We’ve both lost our kingdom.” Loki smiled, knowing he had hit home. Midna stepped back in disbelief. 

    “How could you possibly know?” she growled, her hair ponytail beginning to twitch. 

     “A person like you,” Loki got to his feat and cocked his head. “A person like you should really carry a shrouding sphere. Knowledge gems aren’t hard to use you know… neither are magical scans. The Gemnodes just supplied me with information about you, Twilight Princess.” 

     Much to Loki’s shock, Midna didn’t become angry, she didn’t slam him into the wall, she looked down, and to Loki’s amazement a single tear tricked from her eye. The Asgardian sorcerer almost made a sarcastic jab at her, but suddenly the idea struck him that this was the opportunity of a life time. It wasn’t often he had foes who would empathize with him. She could torture the information out of him if she wanted to, so why not charm his way out of this situation?

     Loki’s eyes glassed over, and he reached his hand forward slightly. He was almost genuine when he said it, and it surprised him, “Midna, I understand. I will help you, but could you… could you possibly return the favor?” The imp looked up, suddenly recovering her composure.

     “What do you want?” She asked.

“Freedom from this cell would be nice. I could do it so easily, all I need you to do is open the door. I promise you, no one will ever know I escaped, no one will be able to track it back to you. We can part ways, you’ll never have to see me again. Just open the cell.”

     Midna crossed her arms and then her legs, swiveling the position she was floating in to give Loki a sideways glance. “First you tell me what you know.”

     Loki looked down. He was taking a chance, but what did he have to lose? “What you are looking for, they are pieces to the Fused Shadow, aren’t they?” Midna nodded, her breath suddenly baited in anticipation. “They are some of the most powerful shadow items the Gemnodes have allowed into the dimension, and if anyone knows where shadow artifacts might be hidden, it’s me.” Loki smiled and Midna smiled back. Neither of them trusted each other, but they both understood what made the other tick, and this made both of them feel they had the upper hand. 

     When the lights returned, guards rushed into the prison compound. They found two soldiers unconscious on the ground, one of them coming to, and they found Loki sprawled out on his chair. He looked as though he had received quite a beating… but for reasons no one could understand his shoulder seemed to have healed. Security around the Asgard prison tripled, but back on the planet the Twilight Princess looked to the dark night sky. She stroked the helmet on her head. Her feminine giggle echoed out into the midnight sky.

“Eee hee! See you later, Loki.”

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