Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A day worth remembering...

Hey everybody! Just thought I would note... four years ago on this day, HTTYD was released on DVD and BluRay in the United States. Four years ago I spent all morning sitting in a class room, unable to be patient, just waiting for my school to dismiss so I could rush home and see whether my movie had come in the mail or not. It was awesome, and I was just so happy to finally have my all time favorite film on DVD. I just thought this date was worth remembering... because HTTYD1 really was magical and still is, and the fact that I finally got to own it on Oct 15, 2010 still excites me! I hope all of you have had as great of a four years loving this movie as I have.

Oh, and on another interesting note, on Oct 21 I'll be using iTunes to finally download HTTYD2! WOOT! I have no idea how that day will pan out... so many people want to watch it with me and I kinda want to watch it on my own! Oh well, I'm sure it will be fun (ugh, if homework doesn't get me to bogged down. Perish the thought!).

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