Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Gemnode Concept Art

So... this post isn't technically HTTYD, and that means unless you read my Dsplash Chronicles it will probably not be that interesting. However, believe it or not, Dsplash is practically just my attempt at making an HTTYD fanfiction... it just gets wackier than most and covers a much larger playing field than the HTTYD universe. These creatures are a huge part of the story, a huge force in Hiccup's life, but not a force for good. Click the "read more" to see each of these concept images larger. Hope you enjoy! Keep in mind that this is concept stuff and I may change designs if I'm not completely satisfied.

First off, I suppose you should know that I did this drawing and wrote these notes as if it were Hiccup taking notes on them. That's why you've got the Anglo Saxon runes. These are just head designs for some of the more prominent Gemnodes.

Top: Cylewl. Not a general and thus not as influential as some of the others. He is a master tracker, very tech savvy, and has even mastered some of the more complex psychic abilities. His head design is modeled very, very slightly off of a Cyberman from the Doctor Who series. He usually stays in the red-yellow-orange range of colors.
Bottom: Mordius. Also not a general. I just tried to give him an indistinct head design. He is a cunning and brutal fighter who often strikes from long range and has an extreme mastery of dark energy type attacks. He usually stays in the purple-blue-black color range.

Eminis Sapphire. By far the most noble hearted and ethically straight of the Gemnodes (though the Gemlord is also very nobel and selfless). She is a general, hence her title Sapphire. She stays blue. Her design has undergone a lot of change since I first dreamed her up. I just want something that can look beautiful yet still come across as dangerous or even evil. I like the asymmetry, and her whole body is meant to kind of look icicle-like. Also, she is the most feminine Gemnode, so I wanted something of her head that might could look like long hair. 

Oninonix Ruby. The red general and right hand man of the Gemlord. He is extremely level headed and duty driven, and beneath all of that he is an absolute power house in battle. He remains read. You can tell I designed his head from the side because he looks much better from that angle. Yes, he is supposed to look a bit fiery, but I was almost going for a comet type feel. He prefers to use massively destructive, full area energy or magic type attacks. Being level headed and a brilliant tactician, these attacks suit him better than they would some of the other Gemnodes.

Venevonix Diamond. The white General. He was promoted most recently to this rank, and he still feels rather like a newbie (though he's been doing it for at least two thousand years). His attacks of choice are almost all up close martial or weapon based attacks. Without question he is the most lethal swordsman of any universe. However, these attacks are not as flashy as, say, those of Oninonix. This again plays into Venevonix's insecurity. He will do anything to please the Gemlord and to prove himself. He has almost got this son to father mentality with the Gemlord, at least in his own mind, and you can tell by the fact that he has allowed his head to evolve into a shape very similar to that of the Gemlord's when in battle.

Sardilic Emerald. The green general. Sardilic has recently met his fate in the Dsplash Chronicles, and thank goodness for that! The power of ruling and the freedom it granted him allowed him to twist himself into the most sadistic and horrible creature imaginable. Any personality he once had soon vanished, and he allowed his face to morph into a hideous maw-like structure. His actions became so unsettling that even the other Gemnodes avoided his company. His choice attacks were dragon-like, and he would even shapeshift into a dragon form when in battle. He also was by far the best Gemnode when it came to psychic ability and mindtricks, but he mainly used them for torture. He is a frightening display of how a Gemnode can lose what he once was and become nothing more than a monster.

And last but not least, The Gemlord. He is the ultimate leader of the Purpose, and I'd LOVE to go into his character and personality, but it would be just too much. He was elected to the position of leader, and the Purpose is his plan. He carries the title of Gemlord with great reference to his followers, and he would gladly die to keep them safe. Normally he has the above head, and he stays a light aquamarine color. He is small in speech and very, very caring. His selfless leadership has kept the Gemnodes working towards their goal for thousands of years. My design on his calm head above was mostly just trying to create something that wasn't too showy and looked unintimidating. 

But of course as the leader of the Gemnodes, the Gemlord also wields the most power. He has a move that can practically instant-kill any being in any universe. When angry, his head morphs into the form above and his body turns a dark scarlet. He does not do this often, but when he does it is a terrifying change. Even his speech goes from youthful and caring to this deep, powerful, wrathful roar. His head here was pretty much designed with the idea of making a Gemnode skull that would be more powerful and more elaborate looking than any of the others, and only outdone in the frightening-factor by Sardilic.

So, there you have it. I hope those of you who have read my story enjoy this!

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