Thursday, July 10, 2014

Alpha Challenger: Graphic Tee

Welovefine is having another tee shirt designing contest! Though I have very, very little hope of winning or even placing, I have made one design. It sort of contains a spoiler so if you haven't seen HTTYD2, I wouldn't read this post. If you have, please click the "read more" to see my art work.

Special thanks to Inhonoredglory and Toothlesslove for some pointers they gave me. I let them preview it a couple times before completing it. Anyway, as you can hopefully see, this is supposed to be reminiscent of the scene where Toothless leaps up onto the ice and challenges the Alpha all by himself. I just loved that scene, loved how fierce, powerful, epic, and beautiful Toothless looked while doing that. Ha, last time I watched it was with my younger brother, and we both were fist pumping when Toothless burst out of the ice roaring and leapt up onto that spire. All that to say, I felt it would be a fun moment to capture and celebrate on a tee. I don't think its a winning design... it lacks Hiccup, and it also probably lacks a broad appeal. But I really just did it for fun, and now I've finished my first digital painting since seeing HTTYD2! I'm pretty happy with it too... And I hope you like it!

Anyway, if you like my design, I'd really appreciate your votes! Welovefine encouraged me to tell others about it and get my friends or family to vote. So, rating on the tee shirt contest starts August 12. If you want to go and rate my design, you can go to:

Then find the HTTYD2 contest and you should be able to vote there. Again, I hope you enjoy my design, and I'd personally like to wear it on a tee :)

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