Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ok, my campus is waaaaaaaaay cooler than I thought

I had to make a video for my society, as I may have mentioned on the blog. I posted an image from it a few days ago. If you want to know how the movie was received, click the "read more".

The point of the video was to comically say that if you joined our society, you would be "transformed" (our society's mascot is the transformers... which is actually not all that cool of a mascot imo). So, we played off the wording, and I made the video using some photoshop. Guys from the board of my society sent me pictures of themselves. They sent me one picture of themselves looking insecure or scared, and then they sent me a heroic looking picture. I played the insecure image first, and then played the heroic image... but I took their faces and photoshopped them onto the bodies of superheroes! At first the music was clam, but as soon as the transformation photos started, I put the Avengers theme music behind it. It was really kind of funny... or at least I thought so.

So, that is my insecure picture.

And this is my heroic one.

The catch is... this video is played in front of the entire school. Suddenly, when I sat down in the auditorium where it would be played, I felt soooooo nervous! The video was all my work, and if it turned out being lame (or if people didn't recognize the characters [particularly mine]) it would be all my fault. I was incredibly uncomfortable until the movie started. Well, I'm just thankful to say that our college is nerdier than I expected! They laughed very hard at the first image of a guy getting turned into Ironman... and then more images scrolled with people finding them generally fun. And then my insecure image came up, most everyone got kinda quiet, and I got nervous again. Then, with a triumphant turn in the music, the image switched to my Hiccup version, and people laughed... and cheered... and clapped! I was SHOCKED. But people really, really liked it! I still can hardly believe it, but afterwards a ton of people told me they had hoped I would do that, and as soon as they saw I had done it they cheered for me. I... I don't really know how to handle people actually liking my goofy fandoming and thinking that it is funny and cool. I'm just really excited about it going off so well. The campus clapped and cheered for me liking HTTYD... and that is just so neat.

So, yeah, it was also a sort of obvious statement to those on campus who didn't know... I am a HUGE HTTYD fan. There is no hiding it now... the entire college knows! Not that I'll torture people by constantly chattering about it, but it is kinda funny that I put my head on Hiccup's body riding Toothless in front of the entire school... and then got told by dozens of people that it was great!

So, I'm feeling like a fanboy victorious! People here actually think HTTYD is cool? People here think it is ok to like a "kids" movie and think it is really epic? Well, then I feel just a little more comfortable where I am!

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