Wednesday, January 28, 2015

HTTYD2: Demons

Below is  HTTYD music video that Inhonoredglory (with help from Toothlesslove) made me for my birthday/Christmas. This thing is beautiful, so I really want to share it. I'll also just list a few thoughts beneath the video.

Ok, first off, I am not good at uploading videos to this blog. If this video does not work, please let me know.

The next thing I want to say is that I heard this song directly after seeing HTTYD2, and I immediately felt that it was one of the best parallels on what Toothless must have experienced during the harrowing scenes of that movie. I even mentioned the song to Justoffravenpoint after she had seen the movie with me. My friend Inhonoredglory soon learned how much I felt the song connected with the movie, and I am so thankful that she made this thing. Sure, it makes me cry, gives me chills, and sometimes makes it hard for me to sleep at night, but it is beautiful. The song may be bleak at first, but Hiccup does show Toothless how to escape, and when Toothless does he fights back so incredibly. This video is just a masterpiece of parallels between the first and second movie, and I'm so honored that my friend took the time to make it for me. Thanks very, very much Inhonoredglory and Toothlesslove. This thing is very special.

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