Thursday, July 23, 2015

Toothless Calm Stare (Happy Birthday Toothlesslove!)

Today is my the birthday of my great friend and fellow HTTYD fan, Toothlesslove! She, along with Inhonoredglory, have made some really fantastic contributions to the HTTYD fandom as a whole, and they've both been great friends to me. This digital painting is a small gift I made for her, and I do hope she likes it. Click the read more to see the whole painting.

It's a new style of painting for me, and I am happy to have finished it with no line-art in tact! I just wanted a calm, serene image, and I think this worked. It isn't anything too original... I've actually done several paintings with Toothless in a very similar position! But, I did try a new form of shading, and I used some pale yellow to try and make the picture look warmer and less sterile. I think it worked. I like that I managed to get some small details in... to be honest I was very rushed for time while making this! That is why the background isn't really taking up the whole canvas. The look I gave Toothless was meant to be a calm stare (hence the title). I wanted to it to the viewer the feeling that Toothless was used to them, comfortable around them. He's isn't bored or annoyed, but he's also not jumping around and being spastic. It's just a contented, casual look.

So, I really actually LOVED painting this. It has been waaaaay too long since I've last painted Toothless, and he is by far my favorite subject matter! I can say that I know what my future posts will be on this blog. Soon I'll post another RttE review, and I also plan on finishing and posting my next Dsplash Chronicle. I hope you all will look forward to that, but for now I am still just super happy to be posting a decent painting! I really am pleased with how it turned out... even if it is a little small and maybe unimpressive! Oh well, I do hope Toothlesslove enjoys it, and I hope she has a fantastic birthday.

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