Saturday, October 31, 2015

I've been a (mostly!) shameless fanboy.

So... I've been absent a lot recently! Apologies for that (again), but I am back with some fun stuff to post! First off, this post will have two extremely geeky things I have done in the last three days, so I hope you'll enjoy them. Click the read more to see that terribly fanboy-ish things that I do when I fall off the wagon.
First off, on Thursday I went to a "Fall Festival" at my school. This was really just a dress up party. I'm sure it won't shock anyone to know that I went as Hiccup. Haha, unfortunately I can't currently pull off his HTTYD2 outfit, so I wore his vest and shirt from the first movie. It was pretty fun, and I do have a few pictures of it.

So, this is my attempt at a... "selfie"... with the suit on. I stitched Toothless to my shoulder (temporarily), so he stuck with me the entire evening. The vest is a lot puffier in the shoulders than I would like, but the overall look was not too terrible (considering this is my first time to fully cosplay).

This is the full outfit. The vest is not really long enough, and the shirt doesn't have the bands around the forearms. Also, haha, I don't have any furry boots. I suppose I'd have to make some of those. Still, I really liked getting into the outfit (which was very, very hot and scratchy). I've been piecing it together for a long time, so it was fun to see it finally all together. I had quite a lot (way more than I expected) of people getting excited and telling me how cool/cute I looked. Ha... kinda weird. But, it was fun to see other people geeking out about HTTYD. To make things even cooler, I friend of mine came as Astrid. Haha, she didn't exactly want me to post pictures of her, but we looked pretty cool together. After all... HTTYD totally trumped all the other costumes just by default ;)

Some of you may know that Build A Bear is doing a Toothless these days (and a Deadly Nadder soon). I had known about this for a while, but I had never dared try and do it. Haha, however, today I was in the mall at around ten in the morning, so it was pretty empty. Then when I glanced in, I saw this thing sitting on a shelf, and I caved!

So, yes, I wound up making my own plush. Haha, it was kind of a bizarre experience. I was caught between mild embarrassment and huge excitement. As you can see, this thing is pretty detailed and super cute. It's also very high quality material (except maybe for the wings). Still... after doing it, I'm so glad I went through the slight shame! This thing is probably the best Toothless plush I've seen, and I have about five others. So, yeah, if you get the chance to snag one, and you can survive looking like a little kid, I'd definitely recommend it. (To be fair, my younger brother was with me, and when we saw it in the store, he told me "He needs you". So, how could I not go and get it?)

As for a quick review of the plush, it is superb. The skin is textured, and the entire plush is surprisingly big. The head shaping is good, and looks nicely stylized. The entire plush is black (YAY) and has green eyes (THANK GOODNESS). So many of the older plushes either have blue scales or yellow eyes... or both, and that is just so hard for me to live with. *Shudders*

The wings are decent... nothing to complain about. However, they are probably the least well done aspect of the model. They are stiff, slightly rough material (as opposed to the very soft rest of the plush). The arena spectacular Toothless plush has the best wings that I have seen so far. The tags on the side of his leg bug me, so I'll probably cut them off eventually.

And I appreciate Toothless plushes having the red tail. I mean, Toothless would have looked beautiful and elegant and epic when he was wild and had both fins, but that isn't how we met him. He wasn't really Toothless until he met Hiccup. At least he wasn't named that. He (and Hiccup) transformed a lot in the first movie, and because of that I actually like seeing Hiccup and Toothless WITH their prosthetics as opposed to without them. Haha, all that rambling to say, it's nice to have this plush having the fin. I also like the HTTYD2 skull design much more than the first movie's.

So, yes, I'm a little shocked at how shameless as I am. Still, it was totally worth it! After all, I'm proud to be an HTTYD fan... even if I'm a little goofy.

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