Saturday, July 23, 2016

Let's See The Sky Together (Happy Birthday Toothlesslove!)

Happy birthday Toothlesslove! The above image is a gift I made for the HTTYD fan Toothlesslove. She and Inhonoredglory have been great friends to for years now, and I try to make them something when their birthdays come around. If you would like to see a some more shots of the painting, get a "non gift" version of it, and read my reasoning behind it, feel free to click the "read more"

The painting above does not have the happy birthday inscription, so for anyone who reads this and isn't Toothlesslove, you are welcome to have the image as well. It's about the right size for a desktop background. 

Toothlesslove is studying meteorology, and because of that I thought it would be fun to make a gift based on her love of weather and clouds. That's how I got the general idea for the painting. I tried to make a really stark contrast between each of the images. They look very different, and yet at the same time... they are all very similar. After all, each one simply has Hiccup and Toothless flying through the sky, but the sky is an incredibly diverse environment in and of itself! I went much more for shading/lighting in the style, so it isn't as detailed as some of my other painting. I think this style worked well for this kind of painting, and I do hope it looks pretty.

Below, I'm going to post individual images of each of the four separate paintings you see in this one painting. This will hopefully let you see each of them a little more closely.

So, there you have it. Four different skies. I actually had hoped to maybe fit in a few more, but those didn't mesh well with the image as a whole. After all, I didn't get to include rain or snow... ah well. Maybe next time!

I do hope Toothlesslove will enjoy these, and I hope she'll have a great birthday.

Oh... and of course... I couldn't go too many years making gifts for Toothlesslove and Inhonoredglory without including a Skrill in one of them ;)

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