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RttE: Season Four Microreview (part 2. The Cons!)

So, I assume I am not the only one who had a few issues with the new season. In this post, I'll list the things that I recall in the season that I felt were not the best. So, if you LOVED this season, please don't hate me for my opinions! They are just my take on things, so you don't have to read this post, and you also certainly don't have to agree with me! Without further ado, let's get to the cons:


The first thing that I am going to hit is the "Defenders of the Wing". I honestly just don't think they fit well into the HTTYD universe. I'm not saying I think Mala or Throk are inherently bad characters, but their island and its culture feels out of place. It has a very oriental style, what with every villager wearing ninja armor and Mala carrying a katana. That alone feels strange, considering Vikings should be living thousands of miles away from Japan. The next issue is their devotion to dragons. Hiccup seems to give the impression in the second film that practically every Viking island he comes across in his exploration goes into a flurry of panic when he flies over with a Night Fury. These people have a whole culture that has been "training" (ahem, drugging) dragons for ages. It just feels wrong. The dragons hunters? Totally works. Trappers? Absolutely. Defenders? Not so much.

As usual, Hiccup is often portrayed in a really poor light. The show even went out of the way to claim that his pride was bigger than his brain at one point. That miffs me really bad. Even in the second film, where Hiccup has become a lot more comfortable and confident, he still maintains an overall attitude of humility and wonder. When he tells his dad that he is going to talk to Drago even with the warnings he has received, he most certainly does not come across as being proud about it. He is tentative, pleading, claiming it is (pretty much the one) thing that he is good at. So, every time Hiccup is shown being sharp, arrogant, or easily frustrated in the series, it totally clashes with his attitude in both the second and first film. Watch Stoick's funeral. Hiccup WANTS to be selfless. He already is very humble, often thinks of others, and is extremely empathic. He knows what it is like to be mocked and dragged down, to be walked over top of, and I don't like it when the series makes him act like the people who used to pull him down. It's OOC. If you disagree, go and find some other articles written by more talented bloggers. Trust me, Hiccup should not be arrogant in this series.

Dagur should have stayed dead. Sorry. I like him as a character, but they should have left him dead. That episode in the last series where we were left thinking he perished was great. Every time they bring a character back from the dead, they just make the show shallower. Is Ryker dead? What about Viggo? I don't really care to guess since the show will bring them back if they feel like it.

Obviously some issues with the visuals were less than perfect. Gruffnut was just silly. Then the Defenders of the Wing citizens all looked spookily exactly like Hiccup and Heather wearing ninja outfits. Honestly, this issue didn't really bother me that much. It's a show that has to follow a budget. I'd prefer the graphics to be half as good if the story kept more in line with the films.

The episode with Fishlegs and Hiccup butting heads because they stopped thinking the exact same way also felt a little off. We don't get much indication in the first film... nor GotNF... nor the second movie, that Hiccup and Fishlegs are extremely close friends. I imagine they get along fine, but the episode made it look like they were BFFs. If that was the case, why are they almost NEVER together? Hiccup wants to escape Berk, and most people, to spend time alone with Toothless. He vents his problems to Toothless and Astrid... but never Fishlegs. I'm not saying they aren't friends, or that they wouldn't get along well together, I just don't see that vibe in any of the (better) media. Plus, having Hiccup get all competitive is (again) OOC. If Hiccup was competitive, why doesn't he join in on the dragon races in the second film? He would almost certainly smoke most of the other teens, yet we happen to know that Astrid is the champion. Hiccup is much more interested in satisfying his endless wonder and curiosity, along with spending time with his dragon, than he is at proving how good he is at dragon riding...

Hiccstrid. Seriously. First off, I feel that they should not have used that term. It felt like fan service... but not in a good way. It was too tacky and obvious. Next, even though many aspects of Hiccup and Astrid finally developing into a true couple were handled fine, they shouldn't have needed to be handled. Granted, this was the first time Hiccup kissed Astrid. Great! Focus on that! However, the show should not have ever made it out like they were unsure whether they liked each other. It is ridiculous to watch the other teens acting like they don't know that Hiccup and Astrid like each other. It is ridiculous for the other teens to act like it is a big deal when Hiccup and Astrid come out as a couple. Hiccup and Astrid have OPENLY liked one another since the end of the first film. Plus, that wasn't just a one time kiss. By the time of GotNF, Hiccup has a pet name for Astrid, they are clearly super comfortable around each other, and Astrid kisses him in public... again! Ever since RoB, the show writers have made Hiccup and Astrid have this (conceivably sort of cute) awkward, dorky, affection for one another. Like, they get embarrassed in public. WHERE DID THAT COME FROM? I'm not a great romance analyst, but it just isn't in character. It may be charming at times, but the simple truth is that they have both had their hearts set on one another since the end of the first film. Making it out like this was a big deal this season felt silly. I'm cool with making Hiccup's first direct kiss with Astrid a big deal, but this was more than that? Are they engaged? Was that a proposal? Perhaps... but it wasn't made clear enough... and something like that should be made explicit for the fans because THAT would be a big deal. I'm of the opinion that this is pretty much just them openly being a couple... and again that is backtracking. They already were an openly affectionate pair, so this is just rehashing stuff we totally already got from GotNF. Ok, stepping off of my burning soap box.

So, there you have it. I hope no one had their feelings hurt reading this, and I don't want anyone to think that I don't enjoy the series or appreciate the work people put into making it. I'm just venting the issues I had, and I imagine I may not be the only fan who felt this way.

Still, I plan to keep watching the show! Ha, I do get excited when seasons come out. Any dragons is better than no dragons, and it gives me things to blog about in between the second and third film!

What were you guys' thoughts? Any cons that you picked up in this new season? Feel free to comment!

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