Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas (Happy Snoggletog! To quote Calvin "LOOT!")

Well, it's that day again! Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you had a lovely holiday. I plan to use this blog post to show the cool stuff I got as well as thank the people who gave me such fun gifts! Anyway, let's hop to it!

So, about a week ago, I made a bunch of Christmas cookies! The one at the head of the blog is definitely the one I'm most proud of! I mean, it's Toothless! I wasn't able to make myself eat my creation, so I'm not sure what happened to it! I also made some cookies representing some other characters from a newfound fandom of mine. Can any of you recognize them? Toothless-Brownie-Points if you can!

I picked up several cherry sodas to enjoy every evening leading up to Christmas. Black cherry is probably my FAVORITE dessert flavor. Honestly, that middle soda tasted kinda like cough syrup, but the one on the right was really good! 

Speaking of cherries, we had a whole bunch of chocolate coated ones for dessert on Christmas Eve, and DANG they were good. I may or may not have eaten about half of them all by myself.

Ok, onto the gifts I got this morning! This one is probably my favorite. My younger brother got it for me, and it is so stinking COOL! He and I just finished watching Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood together, and we both loved it. FMAB has placed itself solidly in my top favorite shows of all time, heck... I may even like it more than Avatar: The Last Airbender! The very bro-centered plot made it feel extra special when I finally got to show it to my little brother. I could go on and on about how fantastic this series is... but I might actually pull a fast one and make a full blown post about this show someday! Also, just a note, my brother got himself one of these shirts, so now he and I can be like the Elric brothers together! Just don't anybody call me short!

Speaking of newfound-nerd-jewels, I just recently played through Undertale! I know I'm late to the party on both this story and FMAB, but they are both really, really well done. I loved the weird, guilt-tripping, mold-breaking nature of Undertale. Strategy RPGs are one of my favorite types of games, so seeing one that gave you a ton of moral ramifications was an immediate hook for me. Sans is also a particularly cool character... And again I love how the game has a bro-dynamic between him and Papyrus. I'd like to think I'm as cool as Sans... but that's totally untrue XP

Anyway, my brother also got me this really fantastic little art book. I have a real love for any kind of character design, so these books are must haves for me! I've happily added it to my collection, right alongside my HTTYD and Fire Emblem Awakening Art books! I really do love both of these gifts, so if you read this, bro, thanks a million. You're the best :)

I waited to get this new Mario game, hoping that I might receive it for Christmas, and I'm so thrilled that I did! My parents bought it for me and my brother, and it is really fun! It gives me major nostalgia feels because I played Super Mario 64 back when I was really young. The design on the game is phenomenal, and it is so satisfying to transverse the glorious environments with such speed and ease as Mario leaps, sprints, and rolls through this adventure. I've barely even started the game, but I can see why it sold so well!

I also got the Tiki amiibo from my parents! This completes my character roster for the Fire Emblem amiibo series! Technically, I don't have the female version of Corrin, but I only ever played as male Corrin when I beat Fates (like... six times...), so I don't mind that she is missing. I do love this series, and Tiki is a neat, classy addition. After all, she's from the old games, and she's the original dragon! Ha... that being said... I'm one of those people who likes the newer games much better than the really old ones (though the GBA era was EPIC). My brother also got the Skyward Sword Link amiibo! So now we both have amiibos of our respective favorite video game characters (Corrin is mine #insertsunglassesemoji).

So, this may not be super exciting to anyone but me, but I got a fridge! I've been living at my grad school for six months now, and I haven't had my own private refrigerator! This one looks really nice, and it has a freezer too. I'm sure I'm gonna cover it's surface with all kinds of nerdy stickers and magnets when I get it back to my suite! Thanks so much to my mom and dad for getting this for me. I'm sure it will be very useful!

My sister also got me a "Drink Dr. Pepper" tee, which I wore already... so it's dirty... so I don't have a picture of it! I do consume an... ahem... ample amount of that beverage, so the shirt is very fitting!

My old roommate and great friend (who happens to look a whole lot like Saitama from One Punch Man) gave me these two really cool cups. Ironically, both of the heroes represented on these are capable of manipulating time! Now I just need a tenth Dr. Mug... and maybe one with Flowey or Frisk what with that whole determination thing. He also got me some weird noise makers that can be used for pranking people... but I haven't found any opportunity to use them yet XD All that to say, thanks a ton. I really like my gifts, and I've already been using them a lot!

Ok, so I actually didn't get any HTTYD related gifts this year :/ (YET. I GOT PACKAGES FROM INHONOREDGLORY AND TOOTHLESSLOVE, but I'm waiting to open them because I have some gifts I want to send to them... but one of the gifts has gotten very delayed...). Well, that's not a real issue anyway. My grandparents gave me money, and I bought myself an HTTYD tee as well as a tee from the show Over The Garden Wall. The money will also go towards paying off my Sideshow Toothless statue... which should be coming in this January (SQUEEEEEE!). I got my brother the Sans plush you see next to Toothless!

Well, that's that. I'm super excited to see what Inhonoredglory and Toothlesslove sent, but I'll have to wait at least a week or so before I crack that open. I am so thankful to everyone who gave me gifts, and I'm lucky to have such kind and caring family and friends. That being said, the greatest thing about the day certainly isn't the gifts... it's the opportunity to remember and celebrate the birth of my Saviour and King. I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday... I really do. Please let me know in the comments if you guys got any cool, nerdy stuff!

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