Monday, June 11, 2018

HTTYD3 Spoiler Policy

Ok, so after seeing/reading TONS of info that Dean or the other creators of the film have been giving us in interviews, I think I may need to start avoiding spoilers. I really do LOVE talking about the third film and speculating what will happen, but I also don't want to be able to predict it completely. I still want to be shocked and moved when I go, so here is my spoiler policy for the blog.

I intend to read no more interviews by the director or other staff unless I deem it absolutely necessary. I will soley be discussing what we get in trailers. I will also probably not watch straight clips from the film, as I feel those spoil the moment.

Please do refrain from commenting on the blog in a way that discusses what is being said in the interviews, or what leaks from the upcoming film festivals (that will be showing a full 20 min of footage). I do want to keep posting, but I don't want to ruin the film.

So, what this means is, I'm basically gonna be blogging blind. I'll be watching the few trailers we get and trying to analyze them... and I'll probably be wrong, and many of you will probably know it! Please just mercifully spare me in the comments, and don't correct me unless you are doing so using footage from a trailer, not info from Dean!

Haha... so, yeah, this is gonna be kinda lame because it will certainly inhibit the quality of my posts as the film approaches, but I think the experience of watching HTTYD3 in theaters will be worth it in the end.

So, you guys remember how Thanos demanded our silence, well... now it's Toothless doing it. And, by what we see in the trailer, I'd say we shouldn't ignore him if we wanna avoid a lightning bolt XD

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