Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Roy Mustang Nendoroid: Review

Welp, I've gotten my third Nendoroid from FMAB! This one is Roy Mustang! He's my favorite character, so I'm very excited to have him. I've also preordered Riza Hawkeye, but she won't arrive until December. Anyway, click more to see more photos and read my short review.

As usual, the Nendoroid comes with a wide array of parts, so Roy has many different poses and expressions. His coat comes off, so here you see he has a nice little salute. This dog of the military will do whatever it takes to change his country! You might note in the top image that he has his iconic gloves as well, including two hands that can look like they are snapping, and one hand that is open in a clawing grip, making him look like he is angrily pulling down the glove (which is not something any villain wants to see!).

Roy also comes with some folded arms and a very snarky expression. This fits his more cocky moments. It's a great aspect of FMAB that the show is both dark and endearing. 

Here is Roy belittling my Edward Nendoroid. Roy has a quick wit, and he's also quite cunning and suave. This makes it quite easy for him to take advantage of Ed's short fuse. 

The Figure Also comes with a confident smile. Though it fits him, it's kinda hard to pose him with it. 

But here is the good stuff! With his flowing coat over his shoulders, the Roy figure looks excellent shooting off his deadly flames with a snap of his fingers. The ring of fire at his feet gives us enough flames to get the point across, and the sparking lightning alchemy hugs his arm perfectly. 

So, here are my three figures together! As with the last two, this one feels like it has plenty of positions, and it is a fabulous collector's item. It isn't cheap (costing around 50$), but I'm quite happy with it. I wish Funko Pop would make FMAB figures. Still, these Nendoroids are like much more advanced, much more posable Funkos. I'd not buy this brand for just any franchise, but if you have one you really like, this company does really good work. It's definitely for display, not for play. There are plenty of small parts, and basically everything on the body is interchangeable, making the figures a little fragile. However, so long as you don't have too many kids or pets around, these are a blast to look at, and if you ever get a little bored of them, you can just position them differently and change their expressions (I really would LOVE if Nendoroid made a Hiccup and Toothless!). So, yeah. Solid product, amazing for any FMAB fan. Roy's a pretty popular character (as he should be), so this figure may be hard to get your hands on in the future!

Sorry this isn't an HTTYD post. Those take quite a bit of thought, and I have been extremely busy. However, I do have some plans in the works, so hopefully I can get back to some dragon stuff soon!

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