Saturday, November 15, 2014


OH MY GOODNESS. DreamWorks published a video of Toothless animations, and look what it included!! This is what was supposed to come at some point near the very end of the Toothless Found scene! Click the "read more" to see some excellent gifs of this incredible clip that never made it into the final product. Oh, and special thanks to Rima for getting them for me and showing me this clip! She just made my week!

Can someone just look at poor Hiccup's face right at the end! This is hurting him, but he is willing to die, even die at the hand of Toothless is he can just give his all for that dragon. He won't leave him, and he'll never let him go again. At the middle bit of this, it most certainly looks like Toothless is charging a shot... but then he breaks free of that and it becomes a warbling coo. The animation here is just so gorgeous, and it is the most bizarre, incredible, beautiful, and terrible parallel with the Forbidden Friendship scene. Seeing this excited and moved me to no end. My goodness... I am having a hard time debating whether or not to consider this little deleted clip as being canon to the HTTYD2 story or not. Can you believe these two? Can you believe what the director had them go through? And can you believe how simply incredible their bond was in its ability to overcome all odds? This boy and this dragon changed their world forever... again!

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