Saturday, November 8, 2014

Scientific Article

So, I open my mail late last evening, and it turns out I have something VERY fun inside! This is a little gift Rima Justoffravenpoint, and it is extremely fun and funny! For those of you who don't know, I am working towards a biology degree and then a PhD., so that made this even funnier. It is in the format of a scientific article, but it is mostly excerpts from my blog concerning... well, Toothless's saliva! I should TOTALLY do this as my PhD! It was really funny to read through this. Thanks a ton to Rima for doing it. It is really well formatted and looks hilariously professional. I also love the whole intro bit to it stating which college I am doing the research at (haha, and where it is located)! So, yeah, this would be a dream job. Oh and I must say that I love the little seal of the university up at the top and it's Latin motto (which I believe says something like "Never tickle a sleeping dragon... for he will wake and lick you mercilessly"). Oh, and the whole "John Smith" thing is very clever. Yes, I WILL be doing that research in the near future XD Really looking forward to that opportunity, and I'm thankful for the generous grant.

Anyway, THANKS so much Rima! This was wonderfully fun and really brightened my day!

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