Monday, February 23, 2015


It seems Big Hero 6 has won the Oscars. It took the Academy Award for best animated feature of 2014. All I have to say is that, though I liked Big Hero 6, I am seriously unhappy with the judge's verdict. Allow me to gif my feelings to you.


Come at me bro

Bravo critics...

Seriously? The robot movie?

The pig is the critics

Ugh the ridiculousness hurts my head.

I mean, Big Hero 6 was a *good* movie, but it broke ZERO new ground and truly, truly failed to move me anywhere near as much as HTTYD2 did. Its story telling was simpler, its morals were more one dimensional, and its graphics were just not as good. It was a fun movie, but a movie filled with super hero cliches and nothing all that notably fresh. HTTYD2 was shocking, and it was a story that had many elements that we do not often see in animated media. Why Big Hero 6 won the Oscar, I don't know. But it stinks.

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