Friday, June 19, 2015

Race to the Edge

Ok, so I haven't given much of an opinion on our RAPIDLY approaching Dragons series: Race to the Edge (which I will refer to as RttE). I will now give you my brief statement on what I think my experience will be with this expansion of the Dragons franchise.

Ok, so, I have been debating whether or not to watch this, and I have decided that (if at all possible) I will. I am planning to sign up for a Netflix account just so as to watch this series. Do I think it will be worth it? I don't know. Let me explain what I think the pros and cons of this series may be.

If it is anything like the last two seasons, it is bound to have the occasional forced plot as well as frequent moments of taken characters out of character.

After HTTYD2, it is going to be hard to accept tv series style story telling in which no important characters can die, and everything has to be resolved in a super short section of time.

I don't have a Netflix account, so I am going to have to set one up, and sometimes my internet is super slow... so it may be hard to actually watch these.

To be honest, what I have seen of this series looks darker (like the Deathsong), and that is better because the first (and especially the second) HTTYD films are dark.

The graphics do look slightly better.

If I am going to remain Admin of the wiki, I need to at least know the franchise.

So, in the end, this could be very fun, or it could be somewhat saddening to see the characters I love taken out of character. I think it is worth risking, but like with the last two seasons... I will only consider episodes seriously canon if they conform strictly with what we see in the first and second movie. That means characters being put OOC can't really be excused anymore (because we know how the characters turn out in the third movie, so we can't accept things like Hiccup growing arrogant when we know he remains a humble protagonist in the second film). So, we'll see how this goes. I'm honestly much more hopeful than I was when I first heard of the series. Oh, I do hope it is better than Dawn of the Dragon Racers. Seriously... that was just sad to watch after seeing the second movie!

Hope you all enjoy it! You may see some posts on it here once it is released.

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