Saturday, June 27, 2015

RttE: Dragon Eye of the Beholder Part:2

Ok, so this review will probably be even shorter than the last one, but I did enjoy the episode!

Let's get right down to the negatives and positives.

The head design of the Snow Wraith, particularly with its blunt tusks, is sort of weird.
The dragons' blasts of flame (especially Toothless's) are weaker than they should be. This is almost always the case with the series.
Some of the humor was rather gross.
Sorry, I'm still not buying the giant eels. 

I'm still thinking that Hiccup remains fairly in character! Also, he and Toothless continue to get lots of moments together. This is very good, especially in comparison with the first film. Hiccup is driven, which is good. He is willing to lead the teens, but he isn't condescending (example: he notes that Tuffnut is actually right, and even though Snotlout is telling him how much he hates him, Hiccup's response is not aggressive. He just takes it). He also is still a little insecure, willing to whimper a little when Astrid asks how sure he is that the plan will work.
The fighting was actually pretty good! The dragon killing two Vikings in the flashback was way darker than I expected, and I am completely pro-dark-dragon.
The Snow Wraith was aggressive enough to be a good antagonist. Maybe he could have been trained, but he is (thankfully) the kind of dragon who displays why dragon training is difficult. He's aggressive and predator-prey minded. So, though he wasn't the Red Death, he was a good challenge. His use of infrared vision was neat and made sense.
Good effects on the snow and stuff.
The Dragon's Eye is looking pretty nifty. Not an impossible device... though unlikely in Viking times. Still, I'm willing to buy it! It was also good to see "dragon-proofed" things. That totally made sense and worked for the plot.

So, actually a lot of positive! Final rating: 4/5 stars. I am gonna be picky with what I five star.

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