Thursday, August 6, 2015

Alpha Showdown (line art)

I have finished making the line art of my sketch that I showed you guys in the last blog post! I'm pretty happy with how it looks in the digital format. Please click the "read more" to see the entire painting along with close shots.

The image itself is HUGE. However, I don't think the blogger upload format will allow you to open it as big as it is, even in a new window. But, anyway, it came out looking a lot cleaner than I expected!

Here's a close up of the Indominous Rex. I took some advice from a friend in the comments on the sketch and shortened her bottom jaw. The line art has converted the sketch into a digital format that just looks so much cleaner. The small details are a lot easier to see against the pure white background, and that is nice because the I-Rex has quite a lot of bumps and horns! Oh, and when I paint this, I hope to give her tongue and teeth and eye a lot more texture. I didn't do that this time, because it would make it harder to do that eventually in color. So, that's what my attempt at the I-Rex looks like.

I've also done some minor editing on Toothless. His face was small on the paper, so since I got to zoom in in the digital format, I got to capture him more easily. His jawline is also slightly edited and his teeth are closer to the shape they are in the film. I do really like how he looks in this image, like how he is throwing his wings up to make himself look larger, yet he doesn't look scared. Of course, the I-Rex is not at all intimidated by him! When I paint, I hope to add the dull markings on Toothless's side and wings, but for now this is as detailed as I could get him! I hope you guys like this image... Is it worth painting? If you guys would like to see that, I really do want to paint it! But... it will take a while... Sigh.

(Get ready, Toothless! Don't let her grab you!!)

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