Monday, August 3, 2015

Alpha Showdown (sketch)

So, I have a potential digital painting in the works, and this is how it is starting! I have done a rough pencil sketch of what I want the final image to look like. It turned out well, so before long you may be seeing this same image in a slightly revamped digital line art and then (hopefully) a full color painting! The reason I did a sketch first is because I wanted to experiment with a new subject matter that makes a big appearance in this image. What is that new subject matter? Click the "read more" to find out!

Haha, so clearly my love for Jurassic World hasn't worn off! Both The I-Rex and Toothless are called Alphas, but I think we all know that the world is only big enough for one super, epic, scary, reptile alpha! So, this fight was inevitable. I do hope I can eventually paint this image... so if you like it keep your eyes open. This is the rough stage, so if any of you have advice, I'd be happy to hear it! Sorry about how poorly I've captured this... I don't have much practice with a camera. The actual drawing looks nicer in person. That's why digital art is so nice! It's so much easier to share with the world :)

By the way, even though the fight hasn't broken out, it's obvious that Toothless would win this... right?

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