Monday, September 21, 2015

Birthday Gifts!

So, I had a really great birthday this year. It was very fun, and my friends gave me tons of really nice things. I'm very thankful for all of them! Haha, now, I don't know if any of this stuff is quite is great as half of a fish regurgitated by a Night Fury, but it gets pretty close!

Well, just to start, I got my first ever HTTYD card! Haha, you know... I have actually waited years and years hoping for one of these. Funny.

Ok, now this thing just BLEW MY MIND. A really great friend of mine gave me an entire box full of little gifts a week before my birthday, and inside the box was a mystery funko pop. I don't know if any of you collect them, but I do, and I've been slowly trying to get Toothlesses. Well, I opened the box, and I promise you I gasped loudly for about three seconds straight. This little guy is the rarest one they make, and how lucky is it that it turned out to be the one I got for my birthday! Super thankful for that. Haha, the friend who got it for me worried that the mystery box would contain a really lame one.

In the gift box there were some Jurassic World themed candies, and so I let Toothless eat a giant marshmallow dinosaur egg. Not sure how much he liked it.

Haha, now, this was just so, so neat. I don't know if the picture does a good job of showing it, but I am actually wearing a Tee shirt with my art on it! This was art I entered for the Welovefine contest, and obviously it didn't win. At least two years after I enter the contest, I have still never seen my design on a shirt, until the coolest person ever hands it to me on my birthday! It was really neat, and bizarre! I'd always imagined it on a shirt, and now it is on one... and I get to wear it!

The detailing on the shirt is pretty good. The whole silhouette idea that I wanted to pull of seems to work in real life as well as it worked in theory. I really am very thankful for the gift. It's really neat and super fun to wear around.

Then my little brother (who Link in the Dsplash Chronicles is modeled after!) gave me this. Whoa... hold on... this isn't from HTTYD... 

Haha, it is a Charizard X from Pokemon. Though it isn't from HTTYD, I do really like this Pokemon because it is a super boss black dragon who breathes blue fire and totally kicks tail. Sound familiar?

So, here is my Charizard next to one of my many Toothless's. I'm sure they'll be friends. Ha, my little brother also made me a level in Mario Maker, and when you ran through the level, he engineered the course to play Test Drive! It was really neat, and I'm very thankful to and for him. He's such a great friend to me.

Well, this image comes from my good friends Inhonoredglory and Toothlesslove! Haha, don't I just wish I was actually in that photo! It was really very kind of them to make this for me. What with school, it has become hard for me to keep up with friends in the fandom, but they still manage to get in touch with me from time to time. I'm very thankful for what we've been through and done together, and it is good to have this super fun bday image as a reminder of our friendship.

Oh, and speaking of friends I met online, I got a mail from my good friend in Germany, AddyD. You may remember him from the wiki, or you may have seen that he came to visit me a few years ago. He wished me a great day and also told me a very fun fact. He has purchased JW so that he can get me a copy that I can use for gifs and screenshots! That is very exciting. I will have already gotten my own copy of it, but with my copy there will be coding that keeps my gif maker from working. In about a month you all might start seeing dinosaur gifs :)

My awesome friend and roommate created this for me! Haha, he and I share a room at school, and he has a painting on canvas hanging up... so now I have one to hang up as well. This is one of my favorite digital paintings I have ever done. The art style actually worked and it looks sort of clean and professional, and I do just LOVE the crossover. Calvin and Hobbes mixed into HTTYD? That's just awesomely fun.

Here's my little Toothless standing next to the canvas printing. It's a pretty decent size!

Random: Group shot of my funkos... and a raptor (I did not get all of these for my birthday, but isn't it a fun collection?)

A friend of mine really surprised me with this one! I had never really considered getting a pipe. I love The Lord of The Rings, and because of that I do think pipes are really cool. I had just never really thought of actually owning one! It is really pretty looking. 

I don't know when or if I'll ever smoke it. I may smoke it once just so I can say I have done it (on a chilly night when I can wear a scarf), but I don't really plan to get into smoking! Haha, but what my friends who have smoked a pipe tell me, it leaves a nasty coating in your mouth for days afterwards! Haha, it'll still probably be worth it just to do it once!

So, those are the things I got for my birthday. My parents have also ordered me a new iPhone (YES!!!), but it hasn't come in yet. My sister and others gave me really good Christian books or wrote me sweet cards or gave me my favorite verses framed, so all of that is appreciated much more than I can say. I'm very thankful for all the friends I have been given and the kindness that they show me that I know I really don't deserve. It was a wonderful birthday, and I hope it will lead into a really good. Thanks to everyone,

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