Sunday, September 20, 2015

The 20th has rolled around again...!

Well, today is my birthday! Haha, which is pretty cool I guess. Yesterday I had my party, and I got a LOT of fun gifts. I plan to do a post tomorrow showing all the stuff my friends kindly gave to me, but  for today I just wanted to post a funny crossover reference to my age under the under "read more". If you don't watch Gravity Falls, it won't make too much sense, but at the same time... it is a little fact about me that might be fun to know :)

So, I am 21 now! Which is, surprisingly, kinda a weird bummer :D It means that I am know longer Hiccup's age, so that is ever so slightly sad. However, a line from Gravity Falls describes my position very clearly...

So... Usertoothless isn't Hiccup's age anymore... well...

I've received fairly good information stating that Hiccup will be 23 in the next film (at least for most of the film. I've also seen Dean say that we'll possibly get to see a broad sweep of Hiccup's life, so that is a possibility). What this means is, I'm not sad about turning twenty one at all! Because it just means I'm one year closer to HTTYD3 and being good ol' Hiccup's age again :)

Tomorrow when I post about my gifts, I'll almost certainly look back over this year and think of all the good and all the hard things I went through, so that post should be a little longer. Until then, hope you all enjoy your day! I'm gonna try to enjoy mine!

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