Monday, May 29, 2017

Artwork for the Chronicle: The Courage of Link Flashblade Haddock

The following artwork actually kinda contains spoilers about the new Chronicle, so if you haven't read it, I'd save the art until later. The spoilers are in no way major, but still. This is actually a sketch that I made over two years ago! Like... before HTTYD2. This was when I first came up with the plot of the Chronicle, so it is probably not 100% accurate to the events. Click the "read more" to see the full image.

Link vs Venevonix

The image is quite large, so I'd suggest opening it in a new link (haha.. Link) in order to see it up close. As I said, it started as a sketch... and you can probably tell! The paper background is still in tact, and you can see some pencil etchings if you look carefully. 

So, yeah, this was back when I decided to have Link enter single-hand-combat with Venevonix Diamond, a general of the Gemnodes and the very being who stole him from his own universe. Venevonix accepts Link's challenge out of respect for the young swordsman, and the Gemnode promises to only use his blade, no tricks, in a battle to the death. Venevonix is an interesting Gemnode. He is the latest general to be appointed by the Gemlord, and he has a notable inferiority complex. He is desperate to prove himself to the Gemlord, which is why he enters a dimension all on his own in an attempt to kill Hiccup. He's not pure evil like Sardilic, just desperate and misguided. He has worked hard to become the greatest sword user among the Gemnodes, which is why he stole Link in the first place. 

You may note that Venevonix's design is somewhat different from that of other digital paintings I have done of him. This is because I was toying with the idea of him taking on a Ghirahim-like form to sort of mock Link... fighting him as his first true enemy. I tossed that idea, but Venevonix DOES give himself legs in the Chronicle, so this is still pretty close to the events. 

Hope you like the art, and if you read the Chronicle, I hope you'll enjoy that as well. 

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