Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Introducing: Dsplash DUELS

I'm gonna be honest, the Dsplash story is nearly over. I imagine I will have it finished in 5-6 more Chronicles. After my long break, I've finally gotten back into the groove of writing this story. However, I'm gonna say that I'm really attached to the world of Dsplash, and after years of tinkering with it, I'm sorta sad to be wrapping it up. That's why I've decided to do this (along with other potential Dsplash spin offs). This is a page in which I will take requests for duels between the most notable characters in Dsplash. Click the "read more" to see the details.

Ok, so, all you have to do to get a Dsplash Duel is make a suggestion in the comments for two (or more) characters to battle. These fights will be held in the Gemnode Dimension, so they will be fairly equalized. 

However, these fights are purely for fun. Each character has a number of power gems, and usually the character with more will be the winner. So, could Toothless beat Superman? In any kind of realistic situation, NO. In Dsplash Duels, probably!

So, what about Characters who are not in Dsplash or who haven't been seen in the Chronicles? Welp, if you request them, I'll do them. I will just choose a number of gems to give them, choose some fitting skills and items, and then toss them into the fray.

So far so good. Now, here is what a Dsplash duel will consist of. I will write a short story, probably five pages maximum, detailing the duel. It will be similar in style to my Chronicles...just less dramatic since characters don't DIE in the Gemnode's world. Then, I will make an accompanying image for the battle, showing sprites of the characters who will be involved, and listing some of their notable items, powers, and traits. 

I must say there will be limitations on what I will write. If I have absolutely no idea about the character you ask to see, then I'll have to say no. If the character looks REALLY fascinating, I may actually do some research. Other than that, anything goes! The characters can be allies you've seen in the story... they can even be Gemnodes. Now, as I said, these incidents will not be canon... but they will be accurate to the power levels of the characters as they find themselves in the Gemnode dimension. This means you may actually learn a bit about the lore and history of the world through these posts. 

And yes, you probably have all noticed that these battles will wind up being totally biased... but who knows? They may at least be entertaining... and they'll certainly reveal some facts about Dsplash combat as it used to be before the Gemwar.

So... any suggestions for the first round???

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