Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Happy Anniversary HTTYD2!

Man, this is one heck of a sequel. Today marks the third year anniversary of the theatrical release of HTTYD2 in theaters in the USA. I actually went to a pre-showing on the twelfth, so it's been just a little over three years since I first saw (and bawled through) this movie! I have just finished watching it, and WOW... I think I can barely handle watching this film once a year. I nostalgia cried, happy cried, touched cried, scared cried, and ugly cried! Ah, that was cathartic.

Anyway, the second movie is just amazing. I hope you all get the chance to watch it every once in a while. I was sooooooo worried during this film's development that it wouldn't be able to live up the magic of the first film, but HTTYD2 surpassed my expectations in every way. The story is brilliant, the visuals are gorgeous, the soundtrack is a work of art. It has every bit as much thematic depth as the first film, and that truly impressed me. I'm very thankful that we got such a great continuation of HTTYD... now all we have to do is buckle down and wait for the third film! 

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