Monday, June 5, 2017

Sideshow: Toothless Statue

So, I suppose I could call this a teaser, but I have just preordered this AMAZING Sideshow statue of Toothless. It is supposed to be a foot tall, and it is literally perfect. I looked over this thing from every angle the company gave me, and I can't find a flaw. It wasn't cheap, but I feel that this thing would be worth its weight in gold! I will certainly be giving it a full review and taking dozens of photos for the blog once this thing comes in (it should be finished and arrive some time between November and December... Merry Christmas for me!). Anyway, I can't really give a full review without owning the product, but feel free to check it out at the Sideshow website. 

This is my first real "Fine Art" collectible. Have any of you ever dabbled in this (expensive) type of merchandise? I've wanted to before, but the price has always dissuaded me. What's your favorite piece of HTTYD paraphernalia that you own? Feel free to leave comments under the "read more"!

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