Wednesday, September 20, 2017

23 years down... um... a few to go?

Well, I'm a year older! To be honest, turning twenty three makes me feel old, but at the same time I don't really think I'm old... I just feel old. I imagine it is partly do to the fact that I have moved away from home and started working in a full time medical PhD program. That'll make you feel like an adult overnight! Anyway, it's been another year that I can look back on and be really thankful for. I did get some nice gifts, so I think I'll go into detail about them bellow the "read more".

Well, before I start talking about all the nice stuff my family got for me, I do just wanna note something. I've been Hiccup's age when each movie was released. However... I think I recall reading somewhere that Hiccup would be twenty three through the majority of HTTYD3. OH NO! Well, that means I'm HTTYD3 Hiccup's age now! So that's good... unless it means I'm losing Toothless... which is BAD. Although I can't look forward to seeing HTTYD3 before my next birthday, I can safely bet on seeing something that I'm sure will excite all of us: the first HTTYD3 trailer! Yup, unless things go horribly wrong, I imagine that before I turn twenty four, we will all have gotten to see our first glimpse at the next and final chapter of Hiccup and Toothless. As soon as the trailer aires, I think I'll probably just have a hemorrhagic stroke and die right on the spot. 

Ok, that being said, I did get some neat stuff this year. Let's take a quick peak at them, and let me take some time to thank all these awesome people who have been so kind to me!

First off, my parents bought me a desk! I have been living in my one little room, and I had nowhere to write, draw, or type! Anytime I wanted to actually sit down and get something done, I basically had to walk all the way to the campus library... and our campus library is so busy, you have to reserve a place for yourself, or you don't get one! So, yeah, the desk has a super neat black glass top. I actually put the whole thing together by myself *pats myself on the back*. It easily holds all that I usually work with, and it also has a nice spot that I'm already designating for my Sideshow Toothless figure when it arrives late this year! I've already done some digital painting and sketches using the desk, so I'd say everything is going great so far! Oh, and they also gave me a nice swivel chair, which is great because my old desk chair I was using was super, super ugly (the one in the pic is the old one... I'm gonna replace this picture when I get back from lab).

My sister gave me an iTunes card. I wasn't sure what I'd do with it at first, but then I remembered Shin Godzilla. I never got to watch this film when it came out, and now it is finally available for rent on iTunes! I plan to watch it this evening. Hopefully it is good... the reviews all praise it. I'll still have plenty left on my card after this one rental, so I may also rent Arrival (yet another movie I've been really wanting to see, but I just haven't had the time or opportunity). So, monsters first, aliens second.

My brother gave me this super awesome graphic tee from Etsy! It is Corrin from my favorite video game Fire Emblem Fates (forgive me Link and Midna, I have failed you!). I found this shirt a while back, and I sent the link to my family. My Link followed the link I sent, and got the shirt for me. I just love the design. Corrin's dragon form is... odd. I'll admit, it wasn't my favorite when I first saw it. However, upon playing through the game and becoming super attached to the characters, I totally fell for Corrin, weird dragon form and all! The shirt having the dragon is awesome! It is obscure enough to were only people who have played the game will recognize it, but it is also not so too weird, so people won't think I'm a psychopath. The flower petals falling from either side of the (super well drawn) dragon are a perfect touch. In FE Fates, when you choose a path, it totally changes your menu design and the chapter introduction pages. If you choose Birthright (as you should), your menu fills with white and pink cherry blossoms. If you choose Conquest, your menu will display black roses. If you choose Revelation, then you get both flowers. It was a subtle artistic element in the game, and it is celebrated really well in the tee. The color, design, and symbolism in the picture are all just great. I couldn't ask for a cooler FE tee!

Ha, so this is turning into the birthday of Fire Emblem. My grandparents gave me some money, and with it I hope to purchase a mini-fridge. However, I also went and preordered the collector's edition of the upcoming Fire Emblem Warriors game from my local GameStop. This is the first time I've ever taken the dive and bought a collector's edition version of any game. I'm usually not confident enough that I'll like the game enough to get the more expensive version of it. However, I think both me and my brother will really enjoy playing this. We both loved Hyrule Warriors, and this looks like it has an even better design. Plus... Hyrule Warriors got kinda silly at times. The only characters in Zelda that could feasibly take on armies are Link and his arch villains. People like Ruto or Agitha or Fi... they don't really fight. On the other hand, Fire Emblem is chock-full of army stomping characters! I do love the current line-up... mostly because Fates is my favorite game, but I'm also really hoping for DLC. The DLC content for Hyrule Warriors was excellent, so if this game offers packs that include older characters (Eliwood and Ninian! Woot Woot!), then that would make it even better. Sadly, this won't be available until October 20, but I'll be looking forward to it all month!

Haha, turns out someone did get me an HTTYD gift on my birthday! Thanks so much Mr.NightFury! I'm honestly just shocked that you went out of your way to make me this! After all, I'm just a guy in a sea of fans, I hardly deserve so much attention! It do really like seeing people do digital art, so this impresses me a lot. I can't do squat in 3D! So, yeah, thanks bunches. It's nice to have my two favorite characters wishing me a happy bday!

Bwaaaaaargh! So Inhonoredglory and Toothlesslove made me this EPIC, EPIC fan music video thing that combines tons of my favorite shows and games. I'm gonna have to do an entire post sharing the video, and I'll freak out about it then. Serioulsy, THANK YOU GUYS. I love this thing so much! (Keep an eye out, the full post for this is coming soon)

Thanks so much to my parents, grandparents, brother, sisters, and best of friends! Hmmm... so, what was the first thing I did upon turning 23? Prayed. Who told me happy birthday first? Technically Nintendo, but as far as real people go, it was my grandma. What was the first song I listened to? Forbidden Friendship. The first movie I watched was Shin Godzilla. It was really good...I might have to doodle Toothless vs Godzilla or something!

Again, I'm so thankful to everyone for their kindness, and I'm thankful to have lived another nice year. I pray that this next year will grow me and shape me into who I need to be. I hope the same thing for all of you readers. Let's keep fanning, brace ourselves for the third film, and run headlong into whatever challenges we face!

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