Tuesday, September 19, 2017

One Punch Dragon

This has to be one of the most random crossovers ever. But, there you have it, my head is random and weird! This is a completed digital painting of one of the doodles I made this weekend. I had a lot of fun fleshing it out, so I hope you like it. I also recorded myself painting this, so I will place the YouTube video down below the "read more"

So, why even make this connection? What could possibly prompt this parody? Well, maybe it's because after Toothless has become Alpha, he's so overpowered that everything is now boring. Also, Hiccup adores Toothless, and he is learning things from him (how to fly). Plus... Hiccup is basically a Viking cyborg already, so why not make him Genos? I think that's probably how my train of thought derailed.

Some fun things: note that Toothless has no head spikes. They all fell out from him training too hard. His "cape" is just his wings painted white. Which means unlike regular Saitama, this version CAN fly! Oh, and of course Hiccup needed his metal leg. Genos doesn't have a weird, obviously robotic foot, but I had to toss that in.

And, yup, the video and painting are dedicated to my great friend and ex-roommate: "Jaeger Riley"... or at least that is what I call him (when I'm not calling him Sensei!). He and I both watched this show around the same time, and we both loved it. So, yeah, here you go Sensei! Hope you like it.

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