Saturday, October 7, 2017

Grad School Doodles

I know it isn't good art... but I thought I might as well show you guys a few of the doodles I've done in grad school! Now, I have done a LOT more than what I'm showing you, and unfortunately all of those are also probably better quality. The problem is that they are concept art doodles of my original story, and I'm not posting any of the details about that story online. So, here are the other doodles I've done. I hope you guys will enjoy them.

Let's just say that the professor basically rambled this whole class... so all I did was doodle. We have references here to HTTYD, Fire Emblem, Gravity Falls, One Punch Man, Legend of Zelda, and even Death Note. Ha, so, yeah... I didn't learn much that period.

Starting from here, the doodles are all from my study guides for tests. So far, I've had a really hard time with my exams, so these doodles will probably express a lot of my stress. Ha, anyway, in this one is the citric acid cycle. Bill seems to like it. Skari can't believe how evil it is. Saitama is just confused. 

Toothless hated working on this study guide. I love drawing angry Toothless.

I don't draw Timberjacks enough. They are really cool dragons, and they look gorgeous. 

Again, Toothless hates being with me to study. Meanwhile, Majora's Mask is laughing at my suffering. Oh, and Natsu doesn't like to study. 

Studying is hard. However, clathrin coats are super fascinating. I just love how geometric they are!

Toothless dive bombing a cell. Nuff said.

My lame attempt at a pun.

Shin Godzilla. He could totally beat King Kong.

So, that's my most recent set of doodles! I hope you guys liked them. I do plan to try and do some fun things that I can post on the blog, but I am really, really short on free time. Anyway, at least you can be pretty sure that I'll keep on doodling!

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