Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Dragons: Race to the Edge | Season 6 Trailer

Well, looks like season 6 is right around the corner! This trailer dropped just recently, and in ten days we'll have the next season landing on Netflix! I'll give a little micro-review of what the trailer shows, but do be warned, if you haven't been watching the show, there are spoilers!

I kinda have a love/hate relationship with this show. I do like watching it, but often times it annoys me. Some episodes are great, some are just bad, and many of them seem just kinda aimless and mediocre. That being said, this trailer does look pretty cool! Very intense... which could be a potentially good thing. 

So, I'll reconfirm my opinion on the fact that the villains ride dragons: I think it strongly clashes with the canon. Even in HTTYD2, none of Drago's dragons are being ridden. Hiccup is SHOCKED when Eret spills the beans about another dragon rider. How would this make any sense if Hiccup has been fighting dragon riding hunters for months?

However, on a less sour note, apparently the dragon hunters are looking for the king of dragons. I am assuming this is the Bewilderbeast in Valka's sanctuary, which is pretty cool because it actually does make sense when taking the second movie into consideration. That being said, it does worry me when the series pulls too much foreshadowing. After all, Hiccup was pretty amazed when he saw the Alpha in HTTYD2. He didn't immediately say, "Oh wow! It's the king of dragons! We looked for this guy and tried to protect him from hunters just a few years ago!" Of course the hunters could be looking to find Drago's Bewilderbeast, but that would be even worse, since everything that has been released about that dragon states that Drago found it when it was younger, and then he terrorized it into obeying his every command. That makes sense to me, but if Drago only finds his monstrous dragon a few years before HTTYD2... it would seem pretty unbelievable that the Bewilderbeast would be under his control.

The trailer also tells us to "get ready for one final ride". Is this the last season of the show? I don't actually know what the legal deal is with Netflix and DreamWorks, but it would be pretty interesting if this was the last season. I know it would keep us from having (much) new HTTYD material between now and the third film, but it would also completely SOLIDIFY the hype for HTTYD3. Nothing else to distract us, nothing else to analyze. We just have to buckle down and wait. But if they are gonna do that... you have to hope that some time soon... the trailer will drop. They teased HTTYD2 a year before it came out. Can you imagine if they did that for the third movie??? I'm dying to see what Dean has in store for us, so if the end of this series marks the countdown to HTTYD3, that's a good thing! (Also, if the show is gonna end and then move onto a different version of the show that focuses on the events in between HTTYD2 and HTTYD3, that would be pretty neat).

I'm just gonna point out, Astrid's axe gets blown apart. If that is an explanation on why her blade looks different in HTTYD2, I am actually pretty impressed by the writer's attention to little details!

I am not overly excited by Trader Johan being a villain... mostly because it didn't really surprise me. He always seemed like a slippery, weird, untrustworthy kind of person. Still, nice that a recurring character is getting some development.

The SKRILL is back! I must say, hands down the Skrill has been my favorite part of the series. All the way back to DoB... up until now, that dragon is my favorite thing in the show. I love the design of the Skrill. It's the perfect rival for Toothless, and it is the only HTTYD dragon to give me nightmares! I feel like the Skrill would have to be on my top ten list of favorite villain characters... even though it is just a dragon, not a particularly wicked creature. I'm certainly excited to see it come back, and if this season really is the last, it's nice to know that my favorite non-movie dragon will be blasting in to cause some mayhem and terror.

So, yeah, I'm actually pretty excited about Feb 16. Let's hope I'm not too busy to watch it XP

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