Friday, January 26, 2018

Sideshow Toothless Is Here!

Well, after months of waiting, it has finally arrived! The Sideshow Toothless statue now sits heroically on my desk! My wallet feels a little, ahem, light after purchasing it, but OH BOY is it GORGEOUS. Bellow I'm gonna post the photos I have taken of it, and I'll give a quick review as well.

So, first of all, this thing was totally worth dropping $250 on! It is by far the most expensive collectible thing I've ever gotten... heck, if we exclude game consoles, it is the most expensive nerdy thing that I own! That being said, it is such an excellent piece. I love the identification number at the bottom! That's a cool touch. 

The big thing about this statue is that I can find absolutely no flaw in it. Every detail is excruciatingly accurate! I have a tendency to try and draw Toothless as accurately as possible (so much so that I have a hard time stylizing him or being artistic with his design), and even with my obsession with details, I can't find anything off about him! The scale patterns, the eye markings, the saddle, the ears, the little new nubs, the expression, the facial structure, his claws... everything is supremely accurate! I cannot even begin to express how well done this figurine is. It is also really big! I knew it was going to be sizable, but it really stands out. I like the blue edging, especially along his spine. He's the alpha now, and it's like that power just barely glimmers out from beneath his scales. 

The rock also looks great, too. Just thought I'd note that :)

So, yeah, I'll be spending the majority of my time in my flat sitting right next to this gloriously lifelike Toothless. It's as if he flew right out of the film and perched in this world. So, yeah, I am super impressed and super happy!

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