Monday, March 26, 2018

Happy Eight Year Anniversary, How To Train Your Dragon!

Eight years? MAN time flies! Happy HTTYD day everyone! I have just now gotten off of work, and despite the MOUNTAIN sized pile of homework I have to do tonight, I'm gonna watch HTTYD! I think it's been a year since I last watched it all the way through, and I do confess to being very excited about this! I'm all alone, up in my little room, about to indulge in some mega nostalgia! I'll be sure to continue this post once I finish watching the film... and I have some cool HTTYD3 tidbits that I want to share (no spoilers, just neat development stuff). Ok, onto the movie!

Ok, all done! BWAAAAAH! That was GOOD. DANG I had almost forgotten just how amazing that first film is. Someday, I'm gonna have to outline the subtle differences in the styles of the first and second film, compare them, and show that they both work really, really well for the parts of the story they are trying to tell. Gosh, I wish I had time to delve into it because it's really interesting to see the differences between the two films... and how those differences make each film even more special.

Ok, so onto some HTTYD3 production information. I've got just a few notes I want to drop here because I found them very exciting! I'm already boarding the hype train... and we haven't even gotten a trailer for the third film yet!

Gerard Bulter has finished voice acting for the film, which he calls beautiful and claims it may be the strongest story of the three. Hopefully, this isn't just an actor talking the movie up, but it certainly is encouraging. It also makes me wonder how Stoick will return... Flashbacks? That will be GUTWRENCHING. 

Dave Walvoord is doing effects for the film, and he claims that the detail and design put into the third installment will make the amazing designs in HTTYD2 look dated. 

Dean DeBlois gave Steven Speilberg the final draft of the script for HTTYD3. He had allowed Speilberg to read his earlier drafts as well, but apparently, this third and final draft of the story was really something. Upon being asked for pointers, Speilberg said:

"I cannot believe what I just read, and I had a hard time reading through the last part of it through my tears. It's a complete and unqualified classic and better than the original. I've never witnessed this kind of transformation from the last two drafts I read to this one. I only wish I had points."

If you don't know, Speilberg was one of the main reasons Dean decided to keep the loss of Hiccup's foot in the first film. He's been a supporting role throughout the creation of the story, and apparently, he really likes it! I'm stunned by what he said about this final draft. In one sense, I'm excited beyond belief, but in another... what on earth are we in for!? I was convinced that the second film would be the saddest by far, but this looks like we are gonna get another gut punch to the feels! Bring it on! It's a sign of good story writing if you can make your audience cry and still come away loving your film!

So, that's the few bits of news I've seen. I'd talk about the potential next Netflix series, but I'm more irritated by that than excited... so I don't want to be all negative on such a fun day!

Well, we've had a great past with this fandom. Eight years of awesomeness... and it looks like we've got one heck of a future in front of us!

P.S. Toothless got into my candy when I was watching the film :)

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