Wednesday, April 11, 2018

I got a record player!

For those who are wondering, I'm not dead yet! Ha, my lab work has eased up just a little, so I have had some time to do a little bit of nerdy stuff... So, I went and got myself a turntable! It's pretty fun, and I got some very nerdy vinyls to listen to on it! I'll go into more detail about them and show them under the read more.

First off, why get a record player? It is certainly WAY less convenient to use (although this one does hook up to Bluetooth). Truth be told, I am a sucker for aesthetics. Now that I have my own little apartment, I wanted to try and spruce the place up a little. A vinyl player is at least somewhat practical, and it looks really neat! Also, the vinyls themselves are glossy and come in these big shiny folders, so after a long time of thinking the idea was nifty, I finally caved a got myself a player! Plus... I chose this one for the old-timey radio look. That is mostly due to my newfound love of industrial revolution era style and tech. What caused this newfound affection? This guy:

Yep, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood has done two things for me. 1) Reinforced my love of long black coats. 2) Made me think old-timey trains, radios, and watches are super cool.

The thing is... I listen to the same stuff over and over and over again (which drives most people crazy). Heck, I'm still listening to the HTTYD soundtrack eight years later! So, having it on a vinyl and not being able to shuffle is not really that big of a deal to me. When you add the novelty, the look, the collectability, and the fact that most of my favorite soundtracks are available... I thought it was a good buy.

The model of player I got is a Victrola. It has a turntable, a radio, a CD player, Bluetooth, and a cassette player. The funny thing is... my laptop doesn't have a disc drive, so having the CD player is pretty exciting (I've got some cool Fire Emblem music from a collectors edition bundle). 

So, here's the face of the thing. I love how you actually have to flip a little switch to turn on the Bluetooth. It feels so weirdly out of time period!

I got the Undertale vinyl from Fangamer! This soundtrack is SO good. One of my current favorites. The set itself is super good quality. The design of the casing and the gloss of the discs makes it clear that a lot of thought and effort was put into making this an excellent collector's item. Most Undertale merc is that way, and I've come to really appreciate it. 

Check out this oldie-but-goodie! Man, all the retro stock images in this give me feels. I can remember when I saved all these images onto my desktop back when the first film came out! The sheet that came with this vinyl actually has the complete lyrics for Sticks & Stone included. The casing is pretty nice, but sadly this set is definitely the lowest quality of the three I purchased. I suppose that is what comes from getting a much older piece of merchandise. 

How To Train Your Dragon 2 is the last of the vinyls I own. It has a super nice fold out case, and it came as a two-disc set (as did Undertale). I do really like this soundtrack, and it took me quite a while to decide whether I liked it or the HTTYD 1 soundtrack better (can you guess which one came out on top?).

These are the vinyls themselves! I must say, Undertale knocked it out of the park! Each disc has two sides, and the art of Flowey on each is really cool and nerdy. Plus I love the bright red and dark blue. HTTYD 2 also has a nice, crisp color scheme. I don't dislike the forest green of the HTTYD disc, but it's not my favorite. Still, it is well worth it for the beautiful music!

As a side note, the Undertale vinyls came with some really cool extra knick-knacks hidden inside! This poster is the photo that Frisk is given at the end of the True Pacifist run if they choose not to stay with Toriel. However, on the other side of this poster, we have the same image... just with the faces of the monsters scrawled out in red and Chara standing in the center. It is such a cool little thing to be included... I was super impressed! I actually have this up on my wall now (on the Pacifist side... though my brother could have it on the other side since he was either brave or evil enough to go down the genocide path!). It also came with the word search that Frisk is challenged with in the cold wastes near Snowden, but I accidently left that one at my parents', so I can't give you guys a picture of it XP

So, that's what I've been up to! I'm just DYING for an HTTYD3 trailer! Boy, am I gonna flip my lid when that finally drops!

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