Wednesday, April 24, 2013

How To Train Your Dragon! My favorite movie of all time...why? Entry 1

So, as said in the title, How To Train Your Dragon is my favorite film of all time! Absolutely no question whatsoever! No movie holds a candle to HTTYD. I am Admin of the wiki, I have watched the movie somewhere around 75 times, I act a lot like Hiccup (somewhat intentionally), I spend hours drawing Toothless, I own every stinking piece of merchandise that I can get my hands on, and I can hardly go an hour without having some HTTYD oriented thought or wish pass through my brain! Now those who read this that are fellow fans will understand, but others don't! I have been asked many times, "Why do you like that movie so much?" I have even been teased by adults and older friends for my love of the film. Why does an eighteen year old guy go around thinking about an animated "kids" movie? Why is he not talking about sports, or super hero movies, or rated M and Ao video games? What is it about this movie that has so captured me? Well, I intend to make entries, slowly but steadily, on this blog in order to explain and justify my love of this film. Some of you share my struggle, I am sure. You are stuck in a world of people who have not seen the beauty of this film. Perhaps you will like what I say, perhaps you have different reasons, but I intend to give the world a LONG explanation on why it is perfectly reasonable for a young adult to LOVE the movie How To Train Your Dragon. So stick around, and this little Hiccupish writer is going to unleash a plethora of reasons why he loves HTTYD!

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  1. Hey GO YOU. GO YOU!!!! Go you for being 18 and loving HTTYD and being UNASHAMED about it. Go you for writing on its merits for everyone. Go you for admiring Hiccup and trying to be like him. Don't stop doing what you're doing!

    Actually, this reminds me a lot of what I was trying to do first when I signed into Tumblr: to post my art and share my love. And I think you might appreciate the video I made for my HTTYD anniversary, because we also wanted to tell the world the reasons we (my sister) loved HTTYD so much, even when others might not understand: