Thursday, May 2, 2013

Awesome Quotes: Entry 1

"Look, I gave you this academy because it's the best thing for Berk. Now you have to do what's best for the academy, and I'm sorry son, but what's best is very rarely what's easy."

--Stoick The Vast, episode 2: Viking For Hire

Ok, so this entry will be a quicker one! I love this quote! I intend to post lots of quotes from lots of different sources. Most will either be from or be applicable to HTTYD, but some might just be special to me. Anyway, Stoick has a great point! Lots of people will tell you that you can have great stuff and do great things with no cost, but the simple truth is that we are to do what is best. That is very, very often hard! Still doing what is right and best is what I want to strive for, and if that means I have to push through hard things, sacrifice, be misunderstood, or mocked, I still want to strive to live in the most Christ like way because that is what is best!

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