Friday, May 10, 2013

HTTYD pet PEEVE! Number 1

Know one knows how it happened, but sometime in the dark, rough, and dangerous path of production, Toothless was advertised as being blue, and ever since the blue Toothless has remained to haunt my life! I can't stand him being portrayed as blue! He is CLEARLY black in the film! Yes, in certain lighting he can have a bluish tint, but he is still black in natural lighting. In certain scenes he looks grey, but do people tell me he is grey? NO! They just ask me why he is portrayed in advertisements as being blue.

True story. I walked up to the shop of the Arena Spectacular (you have no idea how excited I was), and I began to point out the objects on the shelf I wanted to purchase. I pointed to the Toothless plush and said, "Can I have the Night Fury plush?" She responds, "Which one is that." I try and ignore her ignorance and naturally say, "The back one." She turns around looks at it and says, "It's blue." I was seriously tempted to ask her to step aside and let me hand out the merchandise!!! Yes the plush was very dark blue, but there was a bright blue Nadder sitting right next to it. I am glad to see that the adds for Riders of Berk, the toys for Defenders of Berk, and even the promotional images for the second movie have displayed Toothless in his proper color, deepest black! I know it is a little thing, but it ticks me off severely! I've watched that movie more than 75 times, and through at least half of those I've focused on every detail of that beautiful dragon. So when vendors tell me that I should wise up and notice that the plush is blue not black, I feel at least slightly justified in my annoyance! 

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  1. Toothless, if I where you I would'nt bother at all. They probably made Toothless jet black in the very final moments of making the film and they originally wanted him to be blue. Personally, I think blue Toothless looks almost as good as his black self, and sometimes when I try to imagine a Night Fury other than Toothless, I see it blue. If it where for another Night Fury to appear in the franchise, I would'nt be surprised if it where dark blue. He probably was intended to be blue since the night sky isn't really black, it's an extremely dark blue. Anyway, they probably decided Tothless to be black only after the merchandise was out.