Monday, July 29, 2013

What else we did today

Welp, other than seeing the HTTYD2 teaser in 3D we also went to the mall. Adrain and I spent quite a lot of time just browsing around the city before the movie started. I decided to buy some more of the HTTYD books (I own them all on mp3, but I am kicking myself for NOT owning solid book copies of these amazing stories!) After I bought the books, Adrian went and purchased Gift of the Night Fury! Turns out it is not available in Germany, so we were both pretty excited to find it in Blu Ray. Not a bad day of dragon shopping! I always get a little happy feeling when I walk up to the checkout people with HTTYD stuff! Ah, I love the whole franchise! Movies, books, shorts, everything!

And then after all that the day just got better when we finally got to see the teaser in 3D! I was a little worried that they would not play it, but thankfully my worries did not come true! That was great! My heart was beating so fast from excitement during that whole thing! So...pretty cool, dragon-filled afternoon!

Oh...and I'm wearing my HTTYD shirt that Adrian actually made for me! Ha! I only wear HTTYD shirts on very special occasions because I am terrified by the thought of ruining them...


  1. Ah what a fun day!! The books are awesome and the illustrations are just charming. It's great that your friend has GotNF now, too.

  2. Greetings :)
    Well... In fact,I've got GotNF before, but only downloaded from youtube. Now my collection is added another BluRay :)