Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Drawing near the end... and still doodling!

My school semester is quickly drawing towards a close! I've been tremendously busy, but not so busy that I couldn't do the occasional doodle! I hope you enjoy them. Sorry for my recent lack of posts. Oh, and I have a Dsplash Chronicle nearly finished. I'll post that when I get done with it.

Just a little triforce thing. Nothing too incredible. It was fun to do.

Yep, my professor was being pretty boring on that day. Three yawning Toothless's has got to be a record!

Some of the more exotic dragons that I rarely draw :)

I was excited on that day... apparently.


Just a weird head canon thing I had. What if Toothless wore the completed Fused Shadow from Twilight Princess? The artifact makes a certain part of the wearer exaggerate to bizarre levels in order to make them kind of monstrous, so I thought Toothless's ears would be a neat thing to overdo.

A lovely collection of Toothless expressions!

I LOVE this curious Toothless look!

Isn't he precious?

Sad Toothlesses. I'd just finished seeing the second film.

Fire sword!

Sitting dragon.

Nightmare tail... no idea why.

And finally a swarm of dragons. Hope you enjoy the art work. It isn't much...

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