Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas, and a Happy Snoggeltog!

So, Christmas is here! I got some really nice stuff (and yes, I'm posting this very early on Christmas day)! Anyway, I wanted to make an art piece for the holiday, and I may still make a winter oriented HTTYD art-piece, but I left part of my digital art kit back at home (the pen of all things), and I am currently at my grandparents'. Anyway, I just wanted to wish you all a very happy Christmas. It is a wonderful holiday and it is a beautiful opportunity to remember the birth of Jesus Christ and how His life has completely changed our world.

I suppose I should tell you all the fun HTTYD related presents I got this year. There were not a ton (because I buy most all of the HTTYD stuff I see on my own!). I got a Toothless Tee shirt... in which Toothless's silhouette looks a whole lot like the Batman symbol! That is really cool and fun to wear around the house. I also got an HTTYD2 comforter! I would never have bought myself an HTTYD blanket, but now that someone got it for me (haha, my MOM!) I am really loving it! I was really pretty surprised!

Sometime today I'll watch Gift Of The Night Fury, and I hope you will all have an incredible day. I actually think some of my online friends may be sending me Christmas gifts. Those will be HTTYD stuff... probably. I won't be home until late on the 26th though, so I may not post about that stuff.

As a heads up on other things, I have at least one analysis planned out to write, the rough draft of the next Chronicle done, and even most of what I need to finish a HTTYD music video. I also have a bday present to finish for an extremely special friend, but I'll need to get back home to my digital art supplies before that can happen...

Again, I do hope you will have a merry Christmas and a happy Snoggeltog.

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