Saturday, December 26, 2015

Look Up (Bday gift for Inhonoredglory)

This is a piece of art I have made for Inhonoredglory for her birthday! I hope she will enjoy it. Haha, thankfully I actually had time to make something because I am on my holiday break. During the school year, I have been way too busy to do much blog stuff. Anyway, I hope she will like it, and I am happy to get to share it with the blog. There are quite a few wondrous things in the night sky if you will only take the time to look up. How many can you spot in this paining? Click the read more to get a blank version of the image, as well as to to see a list of the things that are in this night sky.

So, here is the message without the bday treating. Obviously Toothless is the main thing that you can see soaring through the starry night sky... and that is mostly just because I love drawing Toothless :) Plus, Glory pretty much introduced me to the online fandom and helped me find my feet, so I think HTTYD will bind both of us together for many years to come. However, since I wanted to make something especially for Glory, I wanted to include a few other things in it, things I hope she will like because I know she has enjoyed them. One of them is the TARDIS from Doctor Who. You can see it in the swirl of blue beneath the moon. Then, I also included the USS Enterprise. You can see it in the top left corner. Also, in the spirit of the current Star Wars excitement, those two shooting stars down at the bottom right are X-wing fighters. 

I do hope she will enjoy it. I know she has enjoyed Ten's era of Doctor Who quite a lot, and then she has watched a good deal of the early Star Trek stuff this year. I hope that this gift will make her happy on this special day. The idea came into my head very quickly. After all... who wouldn't want to look up into the night sky and see Toothless soaring over head, or the TARDIS swirling amongst the stars?

Happy birthday, Glory! I hope you like it.

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