Friday, December 11, 2015

Razor whip Dragon Sketch

So, this isn't anything huge, but I thought it would be fun to kinda get my head back into the game by doing a quick line art. It was pretty fun to do, and it is the first time I've ever drawn this dragon. Click the "read more" to see the entire sketch.

So, as far as new dragon species go, I think this and the Deathsong were the coolest editions to the HTTYD universe that came out of RttE. To be fair, it was neat to see another Strike Class dragon (the Snow Wraith), but I just didn't like it's design that much. The Razorwhip dragon on the other hand, is a really neat and beautiful creature... not to mention deadly! It was tremendous fun to draw it with all its interlocking armor plates. The only thing in the design that I was not crazy about was the large, eyelash-like plates attached to it's upper eyelids. I did include these in this image, but I left the dragon's eyes wide open, so you can't really see them. I wish they would have just left that bit of the design out... it feels kinda silly. But, the collapsing tail, metallic scales, and sleek anatomy of the dragon did really make up for that. I enjoyed seeing it, and I feel sure we will see it again! Hope you all like the sketch. It was good to draw again. 

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