Tuesday, December 15, 2015

RttE: Reign of Fireworms

Well this feels... weird! Haha, it has been a long time since I last reviewed an episode. To be fair, I kinda grilled that last one (sorry. It just felt very OOC for Hiccup), and that probably made me feel hesitant to review another one. But, I am going to press on! I actually am watching this episode over again because I hardly remember it. What I really look forward to is episode 10, but that one will have to wait just a little longer. So, want my review? Click the read more.
Let's face it, the peril in this episode is actually really pretty cool! We've seen Firworms before, and they've been minor (or major) problems in the past, but the idea of them migrating is really pretty clever. It makes for great visuals, and it is also extremely dangerous! The idea of a swarm of (nor necessarily aggressive, yet still incredibly dangerous) tiny dragons that burn whatever they touch is frightening to say the least. So, as far as problems that need solving go, this is a formidable one.
Also, nice to see Hiccup standing up to protect the island. He's not some cocky hero, but I do think it is in character for him to be brave enough to stand his ground for all the hard work the riders have put into their new home.
The "That stone is a fake. It's so obvious that these two made it up." "I don't think so. For one thing, everything is spelled correctly." Was a cleverly in character piece of humor. Ha, does anyone else here think that the twins probably can't spell? I do. After all, they did ask why anyone would read while they are still alive.
Ok... this might be my favorite thing. The moment where Hiccup is lying down on Toothless back while reading a book is such a great image. Ha, that is art piece worthy. The episode is probably worth watching just for that. Ok... haha, gotta move on... but seriously folks! Who wouldn't lie on their Night Fury's back in their free time! That would be incredible... I want a Night Fury...
Toothless looks mortified when Hiccup gets made the stable boy. Seems about right.
Oh look. The chicken is back!
It's nice that the Night Terrors can think for themselves. The fact that it was mostly them that saved their home was pretty nifty. Plus in the climax scene Toothless pulled one of his signature positions (looking beneath himself while flying with his head upside-down), so that helped the climax as well.

Ok, the no "S" rule felt a little too goofy for my tastes. But her, it's a tv show... not all episodes are created equal.
I could live the rest of my life without watching Meatlug break wind in the franchise. Just throwing that out.
I know lots of people like seeing the other characters get screen time, so this might not be a negative for them... but I just don't think the other teens (except for Astrid) really work well when they move center stage. I much prefer an episode that focuses on Hiccup and Toothless... or Hiccup and Stoick... or Hiccup and Astrid. Or just Toothless :) But, I'm not crazy about this twin centered episode. They are just really, really goofy... and the slapstick gets old fast. Plus... nothing really meaningful happens in this episode. No character really grows. You really could just skip it and understand everything in the franchise just as well. (You might could make the case that it grows Hiccup slightly because he has to deal with politics. That's why Stoick left him there chuckling after all, but I still don't see it as being significant).

Final score: 3.5. Worth watching... but you can skip it if you don't like the twins. Nothing glaringly out of character, and it did have some charming shots and some great visuals what with the storm of burning dragons.

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