Thursday, January 23, 2014

Fishlegs Poster!

Haha, yay! Fishlegs as he will appear in the second film. Darn the texturing is good... as if these characters were not hard enough to draw already, now the movie directors have gone and made it harder! Love his timidness... it would stink if he lost it! Also funny that out of all the weapons he could wield, he's got a stumpy dagger! Hiccup's got a fire sword, Astrid has an axe (I assume. She has one on her saddle at least), and Fishlegs (though he is the only teen who has the physique to carry the massive hammers and maces of the adults) is using a knife! And... yeah, he's gotta beard. No comment. DOn't really like or dislike it, but I suppose it certainly helps to make them look older. Wow, everyone's growing up! I guess Fishlegs will be the only teen with a beard that is truly noticeable. Snotlout has a mustache in the trailer, and Hiccup's got a little scruff on his jaw line, but Fishlegs has a full blown beard. Soooo... unless Tuffnut has a go-tee or something, Fishlegs wins the facial hair contest! I wonder if Tuff will have any... We all just hope Ruff won't! Anyway, excited about this image, and Fishlegs isn't even my favorite character! Very cool. Looking forward to more of these.

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