Tuesday, January 14, 2014

HTTYD2: Dragon Attack

This is an art-piece I actually made for Secret Odin, and I hope the person I have given it to will enjoy it! Anyway, it is a digital painting of what I imagine one scene from the upcoming HTTYD2 will look like. We got a tiny glimpse of this in the trailer, and people at Comic Con actually got to see the whole scene. A masked dragon rider (Valka) attacks Hiccup and Toothless from beneath the clouds. This was a very tricky painting to do, and as of right now, it is one of the very few scenes I have done (the only other two being fanart I made for Glory's web novel). It was extremely difficult for me to get the lighting right. I hope you like it, you can enlarge it in a new window if you want to see the details better. I actually am particularly happy with Hiccup and Toothless's facial expressions... mostly Toothless's! I've gotten used to drawing him now, but lots of them don't turn out that well, so when I get one that I actually feels looks like him, I get pretty excited! I don't know if Cloudjumper only has two legs, but I had to look at the trailer closely and just make an educated guess. I made a tiny slip up on some of Valka's details, but I do think she looks sinister enough to fit the role! 

And I preserved the line-art! I was actually REALLY worried that the color would muddy up the image because I liked the line art. So, just in case I ruined the painting, I decided to keep the line sketch so I could send it to my partner. I do still like the line art, but I am pleased to say that for once I think the painting is significantly better. That's a relief because painting this scene took fourteen hours (which, among other reasons, is why I have not posted as much lately!).

Anyway, I'm still very new to digital painting, so any comments, criticisms, or advice would be great! Hope you all like it! Can't WAIT to see this scene actually happen in HTTYD2!

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